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Mama Feathers

9 Nov

Do you see that pile of feathers that looks like Sky grabbed Mama?

Mama Phoenix

She’s molting!  I swear, with all the feathers she’s got sitting on the table and all the feathers I’ve swept up, I don’t know how she’s not totally naked.  Hopefully, she’s not going to do a full molt.

Usually, they molt based on changes in the number of hours of light they receive.  I suppose bringing her into the house with the bright light on in the evening might have done it.  I’m sure it was also a big stress moving inside with the dog and cats for roommates.  Stress can trigger a molt also.

Other than losing feathers, she’s doing well and seems content in the house.

Moving Mama

29 Oct

We took a sudden cold turn after the weekend, and I decided I had to move Mama Phoenix.  After losing her feet and beak to the polar vortex last winter, she can’t be out in the cold.  That tiny tongue stuck out of her mouth would freeze way too easily.

Mama Phoenix

I cleaned up the rabbit hutch I got for her.

Penelope wondering what’s on her picnic table (Cupid behind checking it out)

And I brought it in the house.  Of course, I have to worry about Rocky.  He’s the only one I was afraid who would not treat her well, so I tested to see how far he could reach through the spaces.


That was not what I wanted to see.

I put chicken wire around it.  Then I brought her in.  I have a cardboard on the back so she doesn’t get too hot with the west sun shining on her.

Mama Phoenix

She’ll get put in a pet taxi and shut in the bathroom at night for her own safety (call it protective custody from Sky and Rocky).  As you can see, Sky was quite interested in her.

Although, he was way better than I thought he might be.

Bob was not interested.  He was just peeved that she was where he wanted to step onto the table when he came inside through the window.

Snickers didn’t even pay attention to her.  Leo doesn’t care.  She’s just another new friend.


Well, let’s just say we know who the biggest chicken in the house is, and it isn’t Mama.

She’ll get to spend the days on the table enjoying the sunshine and the company of the cats.