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The Horns of Shame

11 Jul

I really hoped that selling Loki would end kids getting heads stuck in the fence.  Unfortunately, that was not the case.

“Hmmm, I bet I can reach that one piece. And if I get stuck, the human is here to help me out again.” -Zeus

Zeus and Hera got to be just as bad as Loki.  I don’t know what it is with the kids this year.  It’s been like eight years since I’ve had such persistent kids.  I had to do something because of my plan to leave the farm for an entire day (gasp).

Hera (front), Zeus (behind), and maa Gidget who just lets her kids stick their heads through the fence (last)

I got creative with tent stakes, wine airlock bungs, candle mold sealer, and duct tape.

I think this will do the job. It’s pretty lightweight, the rubber bungs shouldn’t poke anyone.  I pushed as hard as I could on the ends and didn’t get poked by the stake.  I think it’s all good!

It doesn’t seem to bother them at all.  Although, I might recommend to Gidget that she wean them.  It’s time.  Trust me.

It might be wrong, but seriously, his silhouette made me laugh.

Hopefully, I will be able to take them off in a week or two and they will not try putting their heads back through.

Updated since I first prepared this post four days ago:  still no heads stuck and they are still not bothered by their little extra appendages!  Woo hoo!


Even Again

4 Dec

You might remember that Millie broke one of her horns last fall.  She’s looked a bit lop-sided, especially with her cast on the long horn.



I’ve noticed that her long horn seemed to be bending.

Millie 119e2w

Well, it got to where her ear was constantly being rubbed.

Goat Horn

Saanen Doe

I called the vet to come out because I didn’t want her to get a raw spot on her ear.

White Goat

After all, it’s already short too.

Saanen Doe Goat

Now she’s all even again.

Quit Laughing at my Goat

1 Sep

I don’t know why everyone laughs at Millie.  I have goats that are just goofy clowns.  They are silly and make me laugh, but Millie is not one of those goats.  She is musical.  She is motherly.  She is my milking nanny.  She is my advisor and teacher.  She is not a funny goat.

Millie and Joe

Millie is a musical goat.  Anyone who has read her blog knows that she likes to play her horns.  Unfortunately, when she switched from a nice soothing tapping and rubbing to the head banging, she began to peel layers off her horn.  Eventually, she got all the way through the horn to the blood vessel in the middle of her horn.  Talk about a lot of bleeding!

The vet laughed when I talked to him about her problem.  Finally, he came out and put a cast on her horn (that was my idea).  People laugh when they hear she has a cast on her horn.  Actually, they give me a blank stare like they don’t understand what I said and then they laugh when they realize I really meant what I said.

Millie with her cast

The cast didn’t last long, but I managed to put it back on.  I put a Telfa pad on the injury, wrapped it in duct tape, slapped some craft glue on the duct tape and slid the cast back on.  You can see a bit of the duct tape in the picture above.  This lasted five months.  When I weaned her five days ago, she wasn’t real happy with that, so she decided to beat the crap out of her cast.  She managed to get it off, and then she continued to beat her horns.

When I called the vet’s office to set up an appointment for him to come put new casts on, the front office lady laughed at her.  She really laughed when I explained how I had kept the cast on for the last five months.

The vet came out and when he saw how much more damage she had done, he laughed!  Of course Millie stood quite well while we put the casts on, even though she looked really annoyed with us and the water dripping on her ears.

When he finished putting the casts on, he shared that their new vet was confused and asked about the appointment written on the calendar.  When he asked if she hadn’t ever put casts on horns, she laughed!  This is very serious.  If it is left uncovered, it’s an open avenue for infection, tetanus and other problems.

Okay, it might be a little funny.  I know Millie well enough to know, she would appreciate the health benefits of a good laugh, or at least she’d just attribute it to humans being weird.