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Garden Dreaming

20 Mar

Last weekend, I decided it was time to see how my potato did.

I got some!  Okay, there were two good ones and one rotten one.  I should have cut down on the water the last couple of weeks. I’m learning.

I still have another pot that I can keep working on too.

Between the potato and the nice weather, I’m thinking about the approaching garden season.  I’m trying to decide what to plant this year.  I even got a tub with some asparagus and rhubarb and strawberries the last time I was shopping.

Then I had the thought that I probably don’t want to plant a perennial herb garden until I replace the greenhouse.  I’m down to only two working outlets and the roof leaks and it just needs to be replaced.

Now I don’t have a plan.  I’ll have to figure that out soon.  It might include more attempts at container gardening.  By the way, happy spring!

Farewell Magnolia

1 Sep

I absolutely loved my magnolia tree.

When it was in full bloom, there was nothing more beautiful.

The scent was heavenly.

Although, I’ll never understand why anyone would plant a tree in the middle of three buildings with the electric lines strung between them.

It served as the backdrop for one of my favorite pictures ever.

Millie Ann Saanen

It breaks my heart that the derecho took it out.

My dad and nephew came out this past weekend and finished removing it to have it out of the way when they come to do my electricity (Yeah, I still don’t have electricity to the house, but they have a plan for when they get to it.).

Dad with his trusty chainsaw

Having the tree gone definitely reveals why replacing the greenhouse is on my list of things that need to be done around here.

Now that it’s mostly cleaned out, I’m thinking ahead.  I liked it as a shade flower garden, but I think this might be the solution to me missing my herb garden. I think it has potential for some sage and oregano and strawberries and dill and chives and…

potted sage plant

Sigh. That might make me miss it a little less.