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Trying to Stay Cool

20 Jul

We are ridiculously hot again.  Everyone just lounges around.  The goats are heading out to pasture fairly early in the morning.  They hang out under the trees during the hottest part of the day. It’s too hot for me to go out there, so all my pictures are from the barnyard.

Vinnie and Vulcan



Daisy and Dahlia

Cookie with Chiffon and Marge in the back

Maisie with her baby, Moose



Maybeline just hangs out luring Tony over so she can spit on him because she might be pregnant. Who knows?

Maybeline and Tony

On Wednesday, we had a line of storms pass through that brought everyone back up to the barnyard.

At least it cooled us down a bit before the ridiculous heat returned.

Odie and Maybeline eating in the shade of the tree.

I am spending my time making sure everyone has plenty of clean water and that they aren’t getting overheated.

Penny and her kid, Pipsqueak

One evening, I did have to hose Aurora down to cool her off.

Aurora (And look-the pool is still clean!)

I’ve been worried about Tony, too, but he’s hanging in there. I’ve added a fan in the buck room to help keep the air moving.

Tony Llama

The goats are doing okay.  We’re all ready for a break.

Dahlia and Joy in pasture with the big goats.

We are now looking at the end of this long stretch of hot weather.  Next week looks to be back to more reasonable temperatures.  Thankfully.


Gosling Pool

18 Jul

Our weather has taken a turn towards ridiculous hot again.  After two days of finding one of the goslings in the water bucket and unable to get out.  I decided it was time to give them the big kiddie pool back.

The one little gosling was in it right away.

The big gosling soon followed.

Eventually, all three goslings did make it in, but that was later in the day.

Everyone could get in and out.

The thing that surprised me is that Widow Goose just stood there and kept an eye on the youngings and didn’t get in herself.

She is such a good mom!

I do hope she gets to get in and get wild in the water soon.  It’s been a while since she’s gotten to do that.

A Hodge Podge of No Importance

31 Jul

I’m so glad we’ve reached the end of this excessively hot July.  Perfectly on time, the hostas are blooming.


The coneflowers are trying to survive after the tree limb falling on them and the excessive heat.


Stella is still surviving, but I feel like I should cut more fur off of her.


The squirrel is even too hot to bother leaving when I come to take his picture.


“Really, I’m just hanging out until it cools off.”


Right now, it’s hard to believe I planted the lavender in pots so it has a chance to survive the COLD of an Iowa winter.


Bob was unimpressed with the photo shoot~”I’d rather continue my catnap.”

Bob Cat Napping

Bob was equally unimpressed with bubbles.


Mom and I had fun though.  What else are you to do on yet another day of excessive heat warnings?


It looks like I need to keep practicing bubble pictures because that’s a very important farm skill it’s too hot to do any real work.


Despite having to return to work, I’m starting to look forward to the cooler weather of fall.

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