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Birds and Things

30 May

More birds from pasture.

Another Baltimore Oriole

A dickcissel!

My first sighting of the year, and he was quite cooperative.

A hawk flying over

The barn swallows are back!

Mr Peacock in his full glory dancing for the hen who could not care less.

He’ll be happy when we get back to the bigger building and pen.


My handsome Tiger



She’s pretty from every angle

Sky’s summer resting spot

Rocky–he’s being good for now.

Hope you have had a great Memorial Day Weekend.  Blessings to those who serve and their families.

Wild Things

2 Jun

We have a lot of wild things living on the farm.  This time I’m not even talking about my dog or the goats.

goats in pasture

In my walks in pasture, I am treated to seeing a lot of wild things.  Sometimes it’s flowers.

Sometimes it’s critters.

I really enjoy seeing and hearing the birds.  Unfortunately, nobody wanted to pose for me today, most of the pictures are not very good.

Hard to tell from this angle, but it might be an Eastern Meadowlark

red-winged blackbird

Baltimore oriole

barn swallows

a hawk

Common Yellowthroat

Eastern Kingbird

I was really happy to see that the bobolinks are back!

There were at least three males out there.

Hopefully, they’ll be able to raise babies this year (I think the nests were flooded last year).

As an aside, I could not think of the common yellowthroat (thanks, Ben).  I even tried looking it up on the Cornell website, and it didn’t help because apparently, you’re not supposed to see it in flight.  Anyhow, I ended up downloading their app, Merlin, to my phone.  Other than the one I was looking for, it was very quick and easy to find the birds I saw.

Now I can keep a life list of birds I’ve seen on my phone.  I might have to go back and check out all the different birds I’ve shared on my blog, so I can add them.  I’d hate to start over with my life list of birds I’ve seen on my farm (or flying over).  The list above was just a bit of what I saw the day I downloaded the app.  I didn’t have my camera when I saw the woody and kestrel, so I don’t get to share them with you today.

Walking Weather

6 Dec

Our weather this weekend has been unusually (climate change) warm.  And we didn’t even have wind, which is somewhat unusual in Iowa.  I decided to take advantage of the nice weather and not work.  Instead, I took a long walk in pasture.

goats in pasture

I hardly see the llamas right now because they spend so much time out in pasture.  Aurora wasn’t even impressed to see me when I made the effort to see her.


I kept hearing hawks out there.

two hawks

I found them!

two hawks

There was frost on the side of the hill; even though the weather was nice, it was still shaded and cooler at the ground level.

frost in the shade of the hill

The neighbors have the cows on the corn field next door.

Seeing them makes me miss my cows.

neighbor cows

I could do this every day with this nice weather!