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Bottle Triplets

10 Jun

I have Harley moved to my north paddock so she has a bit more space, and she even has green grass to eat.


She is still up and down on how well she moves. I think she over-exerted herself the first day she was up there because she barely moved the next day.  She’s still getting her meds.  She’s doing better again.  I got her hooves trimmed (finally); it was just impossible to trim them with the pregnancy and back injury.  I hope she continues to improve.

The last thing she needs is to be feeding kids.  I did take them up to visit, and she was happy to see them, but I think she also realized she just can’t do it.  I’m letting her dry up, and her boys are bottle triplets.


They are a challenge to feed.

Horus and Gilgamesh

They aren’t quite good enough to feed them all at once yet because they keep losing the bottle, and they just lunge without opening their mouths, so they all want to eat, but I can only feed one at a time.

Horus and Enkidu

At least when they are peeing, they aren’t being pushy.


I have been so attacked with those little mouths trying to grab and suck anything they can find.  It works well when they try nursing each other’s noses–keeps them out of my way.

Then I look over and see Sidney with her one little Pandora and it’s so peaceful.  Not the chaos of my babies.

Sidney feeding Pandora

Although, occasionally, I feel a nibbling on my back pocket and turn to see they are both checking out what we’re doing.

I still can’t believe all four of these little early birds are doing well.  They are little miracles.


Harley’s Angels

6 Jun

Monday evening, I decided it was time to think about scheduling a C-section for Harley.  I knew that she is most likely due between June 10th-15th, but there’s still the thought of what if I’m wrong.  I decided to check her ligaments and compare with her sister, Haley, who is due June 10th.


They were both really loose.  That means it was really time to get an appointment made.  Tuesday morning, I went out to check her before work, and she was already up and out of the Love Shack.  Her tail was up.  I watched, but I didn’t see any real contractions.  I checked her ligaments again, and they were completely gone.


I left for work, but I called my mom to come out and check on Harley.  I called the vet when their office opened, and he was going to try to figure out a time and get back to me.  I had the transportation to get her to the vet’s office.  All I had to do was wait and then we’d have babies.  Then I got a text message from my mom that read, “She has triplets. Scott pulled two.”  I wasn’t expecting that.

photo courtesy of mom

They show signs of being early (all have teeth, so about five days), but they are doing okay.  I am cautiously optimistic that they will all survive.

I’m guessing Harley’s pain/inflamation meds helped her witht he pain of labor (all the girls are going to be demanding it) because mom said she pretty much acted normal and then just started pushing.  She called the vet, and he came out.  He got here to pull the last two.

Teeny Tiny Boy #1

Small boy #2

Almost normal sized boy #3

I’m still giving her the meds for pain and inflammation.

She doesn’t look like she’s got much milk, and I’m okay if she doesn’t get it in.

She’s still got a long road ahead to try and heal now that the babies are out.  She’s so thin from not being able to eat well between heat, pregnancy and injury.  She was starving after the babies arrived.

More grass please.

I still want her to quit standing on the fence.

Of course, she gave me three boys.  But they are sweet little angels!


Special Needs

26 May

I tell ya, all these critters with their special needs are killing me. I still have Harley shut in.  I do think she’s getting stronger.  This leaves me a little more optimistic for her prognosis once we get babies safely here.  Yes.  She’s half naked from the copper deficiency damaging her fur and then pouring for lice making it worse.  Poor girl.


I just wish she would quit standing up on the fence.  It really makes me nervous. I mean really, really nervous.

When I was carrying Harley’s hay to her, Aurora saw it, and she seemed to think she’d like to just stand around and eat.  That would be good to help her gain weight, so I let her in to eat with Harley.

I just couldn’t leave her in there because it’s too small, and I also have goat minerals in there for Harley.  I even checked with the Iowa State vet that saw her before.  Nope.  Aurora can’t have that.  It has too much copper, and it could become toxic to any of the llamas.  That means I have tried to get a place where the goats can go in and eat the minerals and the llamas can’t.


I didn’t have the opening quite small enough, so I had to wrestle Buster to get him out.  I swear the farm is currently a combination of musical chairs food pans and keep away.

I did have Aurora want hay another day or so later, and she went up north and came back out when she was done eating.  I am going to try to get some llama feed to try and let her eat when she’s up there.  That should help her gain weight too.

I have to have the minerals because the remaining March/April kids are still at risk of suffering the neurological damage from being born with low copper levels.  I’m trying to encourage them to eat.  I swear I can’t figure out all these special things.


Then I still have Snickers on his special diet.  I either feed him canned food or egg every day.

It’s been getting harder for Leo to get up on the table to eat his food, so I’ve also set out another bowl where the dog won’t get it, but it’s easier for Leo to get to.


I also had my little phoenix hen injure her leg, so I have her shut in a pen to heal.  She really is improving.

I’m guessing the injury might have something to do with how big Nugget has grown.


Oh.  And I can’t forget to give Harley her meds on a peanut butter cracker.  They are keeping me on my toes!