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Stella Diana Marie Slobbers

26 Oct

Stella Diana Marie Slobbers

Stella Diana Marie Slobbers
19Apr2004 – 26Oct2015

I am without a dog for the first time in 16 1/2 years.  I promise no matter what happens, tomorrow will be a happy post.


You’re Killing Me, Stella

10 Sep

Does this look like a sweet innocent dog?



Look closer.  She’s broken two collars forcing her way through the gate in the last four days.  It would probably be more, but I forgot to put a new on one the night she broke the first one.


If the chain and too big carabiner doesn’t work, I’m going to have to just get a log chain.

Sharing with Good Fences.  How I wish it were a good fence and gate, but it’s coming some day.

Simply Stella

4 Sep

It’s not often I get good pictures of Stella.  It’s because she’s usually up and coming towards me as soon as she spots me, or she’s already plastered against me.

Stella Diana Marie Slobbers

Stella Diana Marie Slobbers

Unfortunately, it was our horrid heat (95*F/35*C) that kept her sitting in the shade when I came outside.  Poor girl much prefers winter.