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A Good Long Weekend

1 Jun

I have to say, I was really ready for a long weekend, and our crazy weather was actually pretty nice.  I got to go spend time out in pasture with the goats.

I found them in pasture!

They alternate between browsing and resting.

Kids in the tall grass

I do have a hard time taking decent pictures though because the grass is quite tall in places.


Venus and Rajah

It can be hard to focus through the blowing grass.

Trying for Tansy, but the photobombing Nestle is in focus

And they are busy stuffing their faces.

Caroline (I seriously think she was chewing on a deer vertebrae) and Chunky

But sometimes, I can get a decent picture.

both old ladies: Litha and Dolly

Reva with maa, Litha, in back

Penelope and kids


Victoria and Dolly

It was quite nice even though it’s hard to take good pictures.

Signs of Green

12 Mar

Yesterday I had to go down in pasture a couple of times to check all my expecting moms.

Well, I have some of the not-so-assertive ones in with Lily and Aurora for a little extra care.

Lily, Cutie, Clover and Pistol with Aurora

I’ve also put Vinnie and Vixen in there too because the winter has been so hard on them.


Anyhow, when I was down in pasture, I saw little tiny bits of green.


There is hope that spring is on its way!

I can hardly wait.  As soon as we get a bit more green, I get to let Aurora out with everyone again.


She’s starting to go a bit stir crazy, but I want to make sure there’s plenty of green and she’s not going to have to push anyone to get plenty to eat.  Right now she lays in front of the hay tub and snacks all she wants.  She won’t be able to do that when she’s with the rest of the herd.


Signs of Spring

22 Feb

We saw more record warm weather today.  It’s really looking like spring.  It’s normal to see kids with their maa out in pasture this time of year.

Bonnie and Herminia

Bonnie and Herminia

It’s not unusual for the chickens to start laying with the longer days.


I can see the sun set more to the west rather than in the southwest corner of the farm.


These are all pretty normal for this time of year.  But the grass is not supposed to be green.


The magnolia tree is not supposed to be getting ready to bloom.


The goats should not be losing their winter coats.



It makes me nervous for what the coming spring and summer will bring for weather.

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