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Getting Ready for Winter

15 Nov

We had the bulk bin filled up earlier this week. We should be ready to get through the winter now.

Margarita is back out with the whole herd.  She is happy not to be stuck in the Love Shack by herself, and she’s doing better about not being picked on.


Goats, Gates, and Grease

28 Jan

I’ve had a couple of rough, slippery days.  It started yesterday morning.  Well, it started Tuesday evening when my delivery of oils for soap making came.  I brought the five-gallon buckets inside and left them in my kitchen (please ignore the messy floor.  We’re back to muddy again).  When I got up in the morning and went to let Bob outside, I found a big pool of olive oil on my floor.

oils ews

It seems that while the oil was cold, the bucket was punctured.  It didn’t cause a problem until it came into my kitchen and melted.  Um.  Yeah.  I had about a quart of oil all over my floor, and by the the time I got done pouring it into another bucket, it was also all over my clothes and in the cat food and water.  I might have stripped down to my underwear and began sopping it up with paper towels.  There’s no photographic evidence, though, so I might deny that.


I finally chucked the bucket outside because I was still oily and mostly naked.  Can you see the puncture hole on the top right by the bottom?  I’ll deal with it this weekend.


I finally made it to work, and when I came home, I found the gate between the yard and barnyard off its hinges.



That was a bit worrisome; however, I was relieved to find everybody where they belonged!

Sam Goodberry

Sam Goodberry

Tonight I was not so lucky.  I came home to find that the chicken coop gate was open.


I had a couple of peafowl outside, but they herded in easily.  Unfortunately, I had goats in the coop eating corn.  Because I feed my goats very little grain, it is very dangerous if they eat too much.  It can be fatal.


I gave a large dose of vegetable oil to everyone that was in there.  I hope I just caught the last of the culprits (becuase it was a big mess for just the few goats that were in it) and the corn was eaten by twenty or thirty instead of just five big goats and one little goat.  If it was everyone, it shouldn’t be a big deal because I don’t keep tons of corn in there.


Hopefully, they’ll get diarrhea and flush the corn out of the system and be okay.

I do hope you’ll come back tomorrow evening to join me for Friday’s Hunt.  If you are interested, the items are in my sidebar (at the top).

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Grain Delivery

17 Jun

Before I got the bulk bin and set it up, it was rather a pain to get grain.  Every week and then almost more frequently than every week Mom or I would go pick up six bags of corn.  We’d get it, and I’d carry all the bags to the barn and put them in the tubs to store.  It was almost impossible to keep up.  I had to do this no matter the weather or what else was going on in life.

Now, I make a phone call, and in a couple of days, the grain truck rolls in the driveway.

He centers the thing (great technical term, huh) over the bulk bin.

Fire it up and the machinery fills the bin.  I still carry it over to the barn and store it in tubs to feed the animals from there, but I can do it at my leisure.

Right now, I’m just taking a couple of buckets about every day.  If there is rain in the forecast, I can take more over beforehand, so I’m not carrying it in the mud.

I only need to make that phone call to get the bulk bin refilled about every six months.  I love this bulk bin!  And as a bonus, I gave a bag of strawberries to the driver!