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The Last Picking

28 Oct

With a hard freeze in the forecast for last night, I forgot to go see if there was anything left in the garden to pick.  I decided to see if anything was left today because, honestly, I don’t think we had a hard freeze.  I can say that with certainty because I found bell peppers.  The plants are some of the most sensitive to cold, and they look fine.

I was also surprised that I had so many tomatoes, and they were fine.

I knew the okra had already died down, but I still think the dried pods look pretty cool.

I was also surprised that I had any bottle gourds left out there.  That’s because they have become the dog’s favorite new toy.

Sky!  Actually, he’s chewing on the remains of pumpkin or squash.  I can’t tell which.


Finally, I got to what I went out to pick–the beets.  I had originally planted them because I wanted to let them go to seed and smell the flowers because of a novel, Jitterbug Perfume by Tom Robbins.  Alas, my sister informed me that she always leaves her until it frosts, and she’s yet to see a flower.  We are guessing it’s because they are biannuals.  Maybe in a couple more years.

I actually got a pretty good haul from the garden.  I found a small cabbage and some Anaheim chili and jalapeno peppers.

Now I have to do something with all of these things before Sky steals them from my bucket.


The Start of the Canning Season

14 Aug

Despite the drought, my garden is doing well.  I am fortunate enough to have a well, so I can use it to water my garden.  For some reason, Sky doesn’t seem quite as destructive as he had been.  That’s good, too.

okra blossom

butternut squash


bottle gourd

I have lots of tomatoes starting to ripen.

I made a small batch of sauce and four quarts of juice.

I’m guessing they will really start ripening just as I have to go back to work at the end of the week.

Backyard on the 1st

1 Nov

It’s the first of November, and that means it’s time to look at my back yard and see what’s going on out there.  Surprisingly, the grass is green and tall.  It’s just that there’s a blanket of leaves over it too.

The tree yesterday’s acrobatic squirrel lives in provides a lot of shade for the backyard, which means it also drops a lot of leaves in the fall.

I tend to be natural with my yard work.  Of course, that’s just my way of saying, I never seem to get around to raking leaves in the fall.  I never seem to get my garden properly put to bed either.  It’s still full of weeds and dead plants and tomato cages.

I did find a couple of gourds.  That surprised me.  They were volunteers from last year, and I never had any last year because of the stinking squash borer worms.

It was a nice surprise.  One of the best things about the back yard right now, is just hanging out and watching Marley play with big sticks on the other side of the fence.

He has a lot of fun.

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