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The Calendar

9 Nov

I have finished my calendar for next year, and I am especially happy with the variety to this one.

Odie, Aurora, and Maybeline


Chiffon’s boys: Nestle and Sonny


Hera and Gidget


In fact, it might be my favorite one so far.

Edited:  Due to interest in people wanting the calendar, I am adding a LINK that I think will let you purchase the calendar directly from Shutterfly.

Nature is Cruel

28 Aug

On August 2nd, I found several goose eggs that were left alone in the nest, and I could hear chirping.  I looked for the egg and found one that was almost weightless.  When I turned it over, there was a hole where the gosling had tried to get out.  I quickly finished peeling the shell away, and I found a tiny, wet cold baby.

straight out of the shell

I took it to the garage and put it under the heat lamp.  I wasn’t sure it would warm up and make it.

starting to get some strength

Goslings are tiny and fragile. It’s hard to successfully break out of the egg, and it’s even harder to survive once they make it out.  I got rid of the big, mean geese.  I had mom and baby in the chicken coop to keep it from getting stepped on by goats or llamas.  Being shut in kept it safe from hawks and raccoons and stray cats.

I was careful to make sure there wasn’t any water that it could get stuck in and drown.

I did everything I could to keep this little baby safe, but it wasn’t enough.  When I went out Friday morning, August 27th, I found that the gosling had been killed. Based on the evidence I found, I am guessing it was grabbed by a rat.

sweet little Floof: 2 Aug 2021 – 27 Aug 2021

My heart breaks for my momma goose. There was evidence that she tried to save her baby.

I will try to be extra nice to her. I’m giving her greens, and I put a pool in there for her.

I don’t know whether she would be happier staying in there with the birds or going out in the barnyard.

Hopefully, I’ll find a way to get her another nice companion.

Friday Leftovers

27 Aug

Well, one full week is in the books at school.  I assume I survived; although, this was prescheduled because the start of the year is always crazy.

Sky and Tiger

Mother goose and her baby

Hera and Chiffon–it’s a good thing I’m weaning kids. My moms need a break.

LilyAnn and Jasmine


Pinta will hopefully be leaving this weekend.

The gosling likes it’s little pool.

Reva also needs a break from kids, and she will be retiring.

Sylvia. I have not had any luck (or time) getting her to tame down.

Zinnia’s kids are getting big. (Jack and Ivy)


I’m looking forward to a nice weekend.  Enjoy yours as well.