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Gosling Butt

6 Jul

The goslings are growing and doing well.  The two new little ones are a bit slow about figuring out sitting in the tubs.  They like to play in the mud though.

The older gosling is getting big!  S/he is not really honking, but s/he doesn’t really have a baby voice either.

And s/he is getting a big goose feathered butt!

Rain Tent

19 Jun

I really did feel bad about putting the moms up with the March kids because there really isn’t enough shelter, and goats don’t like rain.  They have the Quonset hut and then a small lean-to.

Squanto and Sacagewea; Moira and Angela on top

When it started sprinkling this afternoon and I saw we have several chances of rain in the next few days, I decided I had to do something.

I tried tossing the old tarp over the feeder that’s been up there on its side forever.  I kind of worked until Bubbles and John tried using it as a hammock.  They kind of fell through.


Although, a few of them did try it out when the next round of sprinkles came through.

Pepe, John, Bubbles, and Tootles

I doubled down and got some cattle panel chunks and another old tarp and created a bigger rain tent.  Hopefully nobody hops on it again.

looking from the east

looking from the north

The rest of the herd was a bit confused, so they were checking it out.

Wendy, Wanda, Poki, and Moose looking from the south

Penny was in there with her kids.  She left them when she went back out to eat more.

Frisco and Pipsqueak

It works.  When I checked Vinnie at 1:00 am, it was sprinkling, and it had goats beneath it staying dry.

Pepe was nice enough to pose this morning.

Of course, I did have to dump the water this morning.  But it works!

Even the gosling was enjoying it this morning.

As long as it doesn’t rain very hard or have wind or get any lightning it will be perfectish.  Then I’d have to decide who to kick out and where to put them.  But it should work for sprinkles.

Gosling Sized

6 Jun

I felt bad after taking the pool out of the birds’ pen, but I really don’t want a gosling to drown.  I did the best that I could for them.

It didn’t take long for the little ones to try it out.

They are growing!  It won’t be long before I can put a big pool back in here.

Poor Widow Goose just wants a real bath in her big pool.

“Does this food pan make my butt look big?”

She’s going to have to make do for a little while longer.