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7 Jun

When I went out to pasture the other day, I saw the goldfinch flitting about just outside the barnyard.

female goldfinch

However, for the last few days I haven’t seen Mrs. Bobolink.  Mr. Bobolink is still out there singing and looking handsome, so I assume his lady is now sitting on the nest.

The Eastern kingbirds have been out in full force.

Mr. Bobolink at the top, eastern kingbird on the bottom branch

Myson cracks me up.  He is always standing on this rock like he’s the goat herder keeping an eye on everyone.


Everyone else in the shade.

Popcorn is going out with the herd and doesn’t follow me around when I’m out there.  He still comes to see me, but he stays with the herd when I leave.  In short, he’s learning that he’s a goat.


Hilda.  Good grief.  How can she still be getting bigger?


Blaze with a huge wad of cud in her cheek.


I’m not sure this looks like a convenient way to eat,

Athena and Marin

but it seems to be working.

They’re Here!

28 May

I shared with you some of the birds I’ve seen around the farm last week.  I forgot to add the goldfinch

and the pair of thrashers.

This handsome fellow was strolling down the road.


The oriole was trying to pick up the left-over llama fluff for her nest.

She tried taking too big of a chunk, so she never did get it.

I was happy to see these out in pasture.


I think this is an orchard oriole.

red-headed woodpecker

But I have to say, I was thrilled when last Sunday I heard him.     (Audio from The Audubon Society)

The bobolinks are back!

One of the reasons I am so happy that they come and nest in my pasture is because Audubon does list them as a priority bird because of their declining numbers.

It was really exciting to get to see the pair of birds.

The girls are not usually as visible as the male.  He does kind of stand out in his breeding finery.  After the breeding season, they’ll both loose their colors and look a lot like female red-winged blackbirds.

I got to see the whole dancing and flirting (which is why the pictures are so cropped.  I didn’t want to disturb them.)

That’s why I always wait until after the first of July to make hay off my pastures.  I want to make sure they have a chance to raise their babies before we mow.

Birds in Pasture

24 May

When I’ve been out checking on llamas and goats, I’ve gotten to see a few birds.

I really miss long, quiet walks in pasture, but hopefully, I’ll get to do those again soon.