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14 Sep

Just some critters I’ve photographed around the farm in the last week or so.

Honeybee on chives

moth on goldenrod


northern flicker

red headed woodpecker



northern flicker

tree frog on my garage

This is a pretty time of year.


Not a Good Idea

6 Sep

As I was wandering through the yard (with my mask for allergies), I noticed a beautiful goldenrod, so I decided to take a picture.  Of course, Sky had to come help me.

What is he so focused on?

That is not a good idea.

Seriously, dude.  We do not want to get stung!

Sky!!!!!!!!  Okay, we didn’t get stung, but when the dog jumped for the bee, I decided to leave before it took it’s anger out on me.

I hope you’ll come back to join me for Friday’s Hunt.  I have this week’s items listed at the top of my side bar.

Changing Seasons

20 Sep

Even though there are a couple of days left in summer, it’s obvious that the seasons are changing.  Today, instead of waiting for me to feed them when I got home from work, the goats were all in pasture.  Now, they’ll wait until almost dark to come up for their grain because they want as much time in the pasture as they can get.

I’m also seeing more color change in the soybeans.  The plants are dying down.  Once they are completely brown and dead, we’ll combine the beans.

The maple trees are also getting some color and starting to drop leaves.  I must say, that’s the only thing I don’t like about my oak trees.  Their leaves just turn brown instead of getting the gorgeous yellows and reds.

I checked the cornfield today, and I was happy to see some big ears of corn.  Talk about some bright colors!

I like the deep red color of this ear.  I think it’s called “bloody butcher.”

The many different earth tones in this ear make it my favorite.

Love the husks on this one.  It’s almost as pretty as the kernels.

The corn is dying down, but the trees are still green.  We’ve got beautiful blue skies.  Of course one day it’s shorts and tank top and the next jeans and sweat shirt, but it is beautiful.

The golden rod is blooming in all the ditches.  This patch is near my windmill and pumpkin patch.

It looks like I’m going to have to pick pumpkins this weekend.  The bugs are starting to gather, so I need to get them picked up.

We even have a few mini-pumpkins!  These come from Millie’s garden.

Fall is definitely in the air.

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