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The Dairy Days of Summer

1 Aug

I am still milking my four girls: Astra, Ava, Caroline, and Joy.


Now that I’ve finally gotten Perdita to quit nursing her mom, I’m getting right at five quarts of milk per day.

I’m making yogurt and some buttermilk and chèvre. I am making lots of mozzarella cheese for the next year.  I want to make more mozzarella sticks again this year because they were delicious, and they make a nice treat at family get togethers.

heat treating and stretching it

I am also making soap.  It’s been way too long since I made any, but everything is so uncertain since the farmer’s market shut down and then the pandemic stopped me opening my soap room to the public.  I’m not even set up for it anymore.  I still have the bed in there from when I lived in it after the derecho.

oatmeal and honey and plain soaps curing

I’m restocking.  So far I’ve made six batches.  I have a list of fourteen more that I should make.  I’m not sure I actually have enough supplies to make that many, but we’ll see what happens.

Hopefully, I can continue my little soap business, but with rising shipping costs and everything else, I’m not sure.  If you’re interested, you can check out my soaps HERE.

Jasmine Dreams, Kentish Rain, and Lavender

When I get all of the cheese and soaps done, I need to refill my freezer for any bottle kids I might have next year.

Pretzel (every picture of her will be running to see if I have a bottle)

Pretzel has nearly emptied my freezer, and she’s still getting bottles.

Blossoms and Stuff

24 Apr

My trees are still blooming and beautiful!

crabapple blossom

crabapple blossom

SOOC apple blossom

SOOC apple blossom

SOOC apple blossom

SOOC apple blossom

crabapple blossom

crabapple blossom

apple blossom

apple blossom

SOOC cherry blossom

SOOC cherry blossom

The dandelions are out in their full beauty too.



Today was a bit windy.  André’s ears and wattles were both blowing in the wind.

SOOC André

SOOC André

I made labels for my lotion.  It’s not perfect, but I can live with it.


Meg is the featured goat.  lotion label_5779ews

I played with the image below to make it look more like a drawing.



I also have my labels done for the Smoky Patchouli soap, which is a new fragrance.  It’s been busy around here, but in a good way!

smoky patchouli soap_5815ews

I do hope you’ll consider coming back next weekend to join me for Friday’s Hunt.  The items for next week are listed at the top of my sidebar.

I’m sharing with SOOC Sunday, Macro Monday, Shadow Shot Sunday, Monday Mellow Yellows, and The Good. The Random. The Fun.

Scavenger Hunt Sunday

7 Nov

It’s been way too long since I’ve participated in some of my favorite memes.  Now that the pumpkin patch is closed for the season, I’m hoping that things will calm down enough for me to actually participate and visit other people’s blogs again.  With that in mind, I had to join Ashley Sisk for Scavenger Hunt Sunday.  The items this week are:  boots, inspirational, artificial light, negative space, and outside my window.

Outside my window:  It’s hard to see what’s outside my window because of the cat nose prints, but it’s my sweet little yard goat, Pistol.


She’s doing quite well (you’d be hard pressed to tell she had a back injury if you didn’t know) and has adjusted nicely to being a yard goat.  Although, I wish she’d make it easier for me to take the burrs out of her fur.  I think I finally got them all.


Negative Space:  I just love the Embden geese’s eyes.


They are quite striking with the blue outlined in orange on white.

Goose Eye_7386ew

Boots:  I didn’t realize how hard this one was going to be.  I can’t really wear boots because of my toe.  Hardly anyone else here has boots either.  Haley has one.


Artificial Light:  I had to use some artificial light to photograph the five batches of soap I made this morning.  I have another five to do tomorrow.  I told you that the pumpkin patch did well.  I’m in a rush to get these done in time for Christmas.


Inspirational:  The pumpkin patch was quite inspirational.  The wax melts I made sold well, too, so I’m now making more.

wax melts_7432ew

These are all Christmas scents that I’m doing for the craft sales at the first of the month.