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My Busy Week

30 May

Most of what has kept me so busy this week (besides teaching) is my yard.  I finally got it mowed for the first time.  I couldn’t let someone come in and mow it when the grass was 2-feet tall (literally).  I didn’t think that was safe, so three evenings and seven hours later, it’s almost done.  I still need to clear and mow the garden space since I’m not going to plant one this year.


The kids are really getting to be a pain.  I can’t keep them out of my yard.  Fez doesn’t want to go into the barnyard at all.  Sadly, he’s finished off my gate.  I even found Victoria in the yard the other day because the gate is in such bad shape.  I’m trying to figure out how to replace it.

Gretel and Fez

Gretel and Fez

Finally, I had to build a pen around what used to be the chicken pen and clean out the building and spray and re-bed it.  That’s the job I finished around ten o’clock last night.  I had Penny and Muffin shut in today so my mom could check them.  No kids yet.

birthing pen collage

I do think Clover is due the 2nd also.  I let them out for the weekend since I’m here, but I’ll shut them back in Monday.