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Cheese Break

25 Aug

Cheese break sounds good.  It conjures of images of sitting on the deck in the evening with a chunk of homemade mozzarella and a nice glass of homemade wine.  Well, I’m out of the wine I like, and it really means I’ve changed what I’m using my goat milk for.  I took a break from making cheese.

Because things this time of year aren’t busy enough, I agreed to join with a couple of other local crafters and my dad to take our stuff to a consignment shop in Des Moines.  That means I had to get soap boxed up.

Then the real work started.

I had to make nine batches of lotion.

I finally got it all ready to go, but I didn’t get to go to the store myself because I went back to work.  Hopefully, I’ll get down there once the products are out on the shelves (on September 1st).  In the meantime, I am switching to soap making.  I had a special order for a baby shower.

I am also restocking my soap room for Internet sales (I’m out of stock of several items since I sent it to the consignment shop) and direct sales from the soap room.  I counted fifteen batches I need to make and another two or three that I should make.

I’m also busy with making this stuff, so I’m back to just freezing gallon bags of milk to finish filling my freezer for any bottle kids next year.  But I must say, sitting on the deck snacking on fresh cheese does sound good.

Ode to an Immersion Blender

30 Dec

Oh, I remember the day I first brought you home.  That hard plastic case promising to keep you safe.

Immersion Blender

I’d never seen an immersion blender before.  I was nervous and tested you tentatively in a bowl of water.

Stick Blender

Oh, the power!  Would I be able to control you and not send caustic soap flying across my kitchen?

Dishes in  Drainer

It was the beginning of a beautiful relationship.  I’ve cherished you through hundreds of batches of soap.

Soap on drying shelves

You’ve been there for every new variety I’ve tried.

Neroli and Nag Champa

Neroli and Nag Champa

Even this morning, when it was obvious you were dying, I hated the thought of soaping without you.

Apple Mint, Full Moon, and Tea Tree

Apple Mint, Full Moon, and Tea Tree

Sadly, I can’t have you filling my soap with air bubbles.  Honestly, air bubbles?  I’m not trying to make floating soap, so I have to move on. Still, I’ll always hold you fondly in my memories.

Immersion Blender

Maybe this will be the beginning of a new great relationship.

New Soaps

25 Jul

I was really hoping to go to the farmer’s market tonight, but my toe just isn’t ready.  I might have overdone it a bit with scrubbing water tubs and getting kids back where they belong.  Instead, I plan on sitting outside enjoying fireworks for our local town celebration.  The farmer’s market for Rhodes Days is tomorrow, and I have help setting up lined up for it.  Hopefully, I’ll be able to do that one.

I thought I’d share the new soaps I made just before surgery.

cucumber kiwi goat's milk soap

cranberry fig goat's milk soap

magnolia goats milk soap

clean linen goats milk soap

cucumber melon goat milk soap

They have cured and are ready for sale.  If you’re interested, they’ve been added to my on-line market as well.

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