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Water Quality Is Important

20 May

I really do worry about water quality and runoff from fields.  I do what I can to protect the waterways on my little patch of the world.

BB and Bambi

BB and Bambi

doe goat and kid drinking

I want these guys to be safe drinking from the water in the Back Forty.



Special Ed

29 Mar

I shared that Sallie’s kids were way too long being born, and her boy was very bad.  He had a strong suck reflex, so I could feed him, but he would thrash about and cry and had no controlled movements.  I actually had called the vets to get an appointment to put him down.  Then my sister came and saw him and said, “You can’t put him down.”  So my mom came out to help with feeding and told her that he looked completely different.  Even his head shape had totally changed because so much swelling had gone down.

bottle kid

His movements were still uncontrolled, but you knew he was trying to do things.  His eyes lost the completely vacant look.  I honestly think he was blind to start with.  This was the turning point.  Anyhow, we didn’t have him euthanized, and my sister assured me he would continue to improve (she’d experienced this with a calf).  I couldn’t convince her to take him with her though.

Bottle Goat

I christened him Special Ed (yeah, I have an evil sense of hum0r, but I call him Ed, not SpEd).  Today, we took him outside for the first time, and he’s not looked back.  He’s standing and walking.  He’s still pretty shaky, but he’s doing so much better.

Bottle Goats

It’s been good for Fez (the gimpy quad) too.  He has a lot easier time walking outside rather than on the linoleum.  I still can’t get Haley’s boy to suck, and she tried too.  He did nurse her some, but then he couldn’t get the teat in his mouth.  I don’t know if there’s hope for him, but I’ll keep trying.

Sharing with Song-Ography where the song is Turn, Turn, Turn by The Byrds.  It’s amazing how these kids can turn around and thrive.  I’m also sharing with Shadow Shot Sunday, I Heart Macro, and SOOC Sunday (all shots).


23 Mar

Song-ography today is One is the Lonliest Number by Three Dog Night.  I present to you one of Litha’s quads.

baby goat

I’m also sharing at Shadow Shot Sunday.