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Moving Goats

14 May

You know, three fourths of raising goats is just moving them from one place to another.  Friday evening, I decided it was time to move Cinnamon and Haley back to the herd.

They are gaining weight and eating well, so I figured it was time.  When the herd headed out to pasture after their grain, I figured that was the best time to do my switches.

Haley and Cinnamon were happy to come out.

Haley and Cinnamon

They saw everyone else.

They wasted no time in catching up to the herd.

That means–fight!  Why?  Why do they have to fight?

Oh yeah, they’re goats.

That’s what goats do.

Finally, I got tired of playing referee and told them good luck.  You’ll notice most of the fights were not very serious.  Just a bit pushy.

I went back to the barnyard and moved my kids that I weaned to where Cinnamon and Haley were.  They immediately enjoyed their supper of sweet feed.

Then they started exploring.

They have plenty of grass to eat up here.


Smee was the first to discover the giant play area.


The others quickly followed.

John, Smee, Penelope, Hook, Bubbles

They even managed to find the opening to go into the old garden area.

They will be much happier up here!

The Herd Queen

10 Aug

Every goat herd has a queen.  In my herd, Minnie is the queen.  Meet Minnie Pearl Saanen.

Minnie Pearl Saanen

She’s amazingly good-natured for the herd queen.  Most times the herd queen is the bossy, pushy aggressive goat.  That really doesn’t describe Minnie at all.  She’s very good-natured and looks out for the kids in the herd, whether they are hers or not.  She didn’t really mean to become the herd queen, but it just happened.

It used to be Cutie who was the herd queen.  She and her kids went to the north part of the farm last summer, however, and whenever goats are reunited, they have to fight.  It doesn’t matter if it’s just a couple of days, they have to have their fights to make sure the pecking order is the same. Now, Minnie is easygoing and doesn’t like to fight, but if somebody starts something with her, Minnie will finish it.  Cutie started a fight.

They had a series of fights that Cutie would start.  Minnie finished the fights.

After a torn udder and a black eye, Cutie finally gave up her position as herd queen.  Even though Minnie didn’t ask for it, she gets the perks of herd queen~nobody chasing you from your food pan, basking in the sun wherever you choose, and your choice of sleeping places.  Not bad perks of the job.  There are some duties of being the herd queen, but since she didn’t ask for the job, she’s willing to let Cutie continue with those jobs.  As herd queen, that’s her choice to delegate responsibilities.

Hail Queen Minnie!

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