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Time for Leftovers!

8 Oct

This week was my parent-teacher conferences at work, so I am quite excited for the weekend!  I’ve missed not being home in the evenings.  And it means I haven’t done much to blog about, so here’s just some random thoughts with leftover pictures.

One of my brown leghorns

Bob is still struggling with getting back to his usual cranky self. He needs to come in the house and hibernate for the winter.

I really am trying to decide who to breed and who to retire and who to give a year off.  I’m pretty sure Gidget is getting a year off or retiring.  I hope the copper I gave last weekend kicks in and helps Reva and Gidget look better.  They really need it.

A skinny Gidget

These two are happy to be together again.  Other than when Astra goes to get bred, they shouldn’t have to be separated again.

Astra and Perdita

I am excited because I’m soon going to be doing a couple of photo shoots.  I will get to photograph a little girl!  Wish I could get my camera replaced before then, but I guess as long as my old faithful just keeps working, I’ll call it good.

Finally, just some more of the goats out in pasture.

Everyone was hanging out in the summer barn

Victoria in front; Onyx and Haley in back

Zinnia is still giving me a decent amount of milk.

Happy weekend!

The End of Summer

19 Sep

I think I do a post every year complaining about the end of summer.  It’s the time when pasture quality is low (although that’s been an all summer issue), worms are a real threat, my moms are run down from raising babies,

Hilda feeding Frodo and Rosie

and I’m in a race to get kids grown up enough to sell without them getting wormy, and wondering if I should give copper or not.  It’s my least favorite time of year, every year.

Tansy with her daughter, Sunshine

This year is no exception.  Lemuel picked up worms.  He was wormed and given copper.  I think he’s doing a little better.  I’ll keep a close eye on him.


I have a couple of girls who are thin.  I have no idea why Reva looks so bad.


Gidget also had a bit of diarrhea and is thin.


With the girls not doing as well, I decided I need to get them back on grain.

It took all of about two days for them to figure out to be up here waiting for me when I get home from work.

Cinnamon (right) and her daughter, Athena, searching for spilled corn

Smarty pantses.

Who Are You

12 Apr

I tell you, the weather last weekend sent my allergies into overdrive, and it’s been hard to do anything.  I did sell the two bottle kids, so I have thirty kids on the farm now.  I’m not always sure which kid is which.  There are several who look a lot alike.


I think this is Gemma

I think these are Daisy’s kids, Greta and Gary

I can’t tell Micah and Mia apart unless I peek under the tail.

Pretty sure this is Tawny, but she looks a lot like Kit and Queenie.

Rajah and Tippy are easy, but Pinta always messes me up.

Gidget’s Diva looks just about like Kit, Tawny, and Olaf.

Sometimes, their moms don’t even seem too sure.

Daisy making sure Gidget doesn’t have her girl.

In Daisy’s defense, Gidget’s boy looks a lot like her girl.

Dusty (Gidget’s boy)

But as long as I come up with thirty in my tail count, I figure we’re all good.  They can sort out who goes with whom on their own.