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Who Are You

12 Apr

I tell you, the weather last weekend sent my allergies into overdrive, and it’s been hard to do anything.  I did sell the two bottle kids, so I have thirty kids on the farm now.  I’m not always sure which kid is which.  There are several who look a lot alike.


I think this is Gemma

I think these are Daisy’s kids, Greta and Gary

I can’t tell Micah and Mia apart unless I peek under the tail.

Pretty sure this is Tawny, but she looks a lot like Kit and Queenie.

Rajah and Tippy are easy, but Pinta always messes me up.

Gidget’s Diva looks just about like Kit, Tawny, and Olaf.

Sometimes, their moms don’t even seem too sure.

Daisy making sure Gidget doesn’t have her girl.

In Daisy’s defense, Gidget’s boy looks a lot like her girl.

Dusty (Gidget’s boy)

But as long as I come up with thirty in my tail count, I figure we’re all good.  They can sort out who goes with whom on their own.

Good Girl, Gidget!

9 Apr

Gidget was due April 9th because she let herself in with Xerxes after I had split everyone up.  I was a bit worried she’d have them while I was at work.


But she stuck with the trend of early kids.  Astra was five days late; Daisy was two days late.  Everyone else was either on their due date or early.  Gidget had her kids on my last day of break before going back to work. Thank goatness!

She had twins.  A buck and a doe.

Gidget and her buck

Gidget’s doe

And we are done until June.


28 Mar

I thought I’d take a minute to update you on several of the things going on around here.  Purl is still wearing her horn apparatus, so she hasn’t been stuck in a fence again.  That’s a good thing.


Coral is doing much better.  Physically, she’s recovered from the pregnancy and aborting.  She cried and was clingy for a week or so, but she is pretty much back to her usual kissy self.


I have decided that Aphrodite didn’t settle.  She will just not have a kid this year.

horn appa Aphrodite

Blaze and her “three” girls are on the side of the barnyard with the moms.  Blaze is quite thin yet, but the three girls are really looking good. I am shocked Blaze even made it through our rough February.

Trace, Blaze, 2TC, and Flora

I got everyone moved to the proper side of the barnyard on the day I sorted the herd, except for Gidget. I managed to catch her and put her on the maternity ward side last Sunday.  Everyone is now where the belong!

Gidget and daughter, Hera

Perdita made her first trip out to pasture yesterday.

Perdita and Astra

I think I’m going to have to help her with keeping Astra’s udder milked out for a while.

Aurora is one of the most irritated with being shut out from the east side of the barnyard.


She’s as bad as the goats about wanting to beg for extra feed.