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24 Oct

It seems fitting that I share with you Norma Jean being weaned because the last round of Alphabe-Thursday had me sharing my Wild Women, her and her mom as they went out to pasture.

She’s not quite so happy to be weaned.

Norma Jean

For now, she still has her mom and new friend, the bull, next to her.  Maxine is still keeping a close eye on her little girl.

Soon Maxine will return home though to be a companion to MJ and wait for her baby to arrive next spring.  Now that Norma Jean is not nursing her, Maxine’s udder is looking a bit full.

I’m not sure how long Norma Jean will stay where she’s at or where she’ll stay when she moves, but our cattle plan is progressing nicely.

I know MJ will be happy to have Maxine home, and so will I.

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The Nephew Turns Twenty-Six

2 Jun

It seems like just a couple of days ago when Jeremy came home from the hospital with his mom and dad and became my favorite nephew.  It’s a title he held for almost five years, until it became a tie with the birth of my other nephews.  Last weekend he held a social gathering to celebrate this momentous event, and was good enough to invite his auntie.  Of course, I took my camera.  I recorded all the excitement and partying in the cow lot.

This is where the very very close to calving moms are located.  This poor girl looks pretty miserable!

Most of the calves in here were just a couple of days old, so this one should eventually grow into the ear tag.  They are too cute!

I’m not the only one that was interested in the cows.  Other guests wanted to see Jeremy’s cow (most of these are his dad’s), so he went to bring her out of the barn.  He tried some grass as a bribe.

His lovely cow is a bit shy however, and J-8 was not easily bribed.  Someone else looks like she’d enjoy some of that grass.  If only she weren’t so round, she’d go grab it from him.

That’s some reach !   And her tongue is speckled!

Here she comes…kind of.

Finally, she agreed to peek out and show her beautiful Gelbvieh face, but no pregnant body!  She’s a bit sensitive about her figure at nine months pregnant.

This little one was very curious and kept coming close to see what all those strange things were on the other side of the gate.  That would be the row of admiring people.

The claves get together to make a plan of action.

Then they break out and start showing their moves!  Mom keeps a careful eye on the calves and a tongue up her nose. (Uck!)

They were kicking up their heels and having a lot of fun.

This little one is playing with mom.  She’s so careful and loving with him/her.  That wonderful maternal instinct is one of the things I truly love about the cows.

Someone’s trying to sneak a snack!   You’d think that long tail would tickle.

This makes me wish my Maxine was going to have a calf this year.  Guess I’ll just have to enjoy these.  Happy birthday to Jeremy.

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