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Good-bye to an Old Friend

30 Sep

If you haven’t been hanging around here for years, you probably don’t know that I used to have an ox and his companion cow.  After I lost the steer, Maxine went to live with my ex-brother-in-law and  his herd of cows.

She got to spend her last years happy rather than being the only cow here.

Visiting the Cow Girls

25 Mar

Just before Sallie had her kids, I visited my cow girls, Maxine and Norma Jean.  Although, they are no longer mine.

Norma Jean (back) and Maxine (front)

Norma Jean (back) and Maxine (front)

I sold Norma Jean to my ex-brother-in-law.  Maxine is a bit different.  He gets her, but he can’t sell her.  That way, if she can ever retire without busting through a fence looking for a bull, she can come home.

Red Gelbvieh cow

They are both bred and should have calves next month.

Gelbvieh cow

Of course, I visited right before they were cleaning out the barn and putting down new bedding, so it looks dirty, but it’s hard to keep clean in the spring.  The cows are all looking forward to going out on pasture for the summer.

Sharing with Good Fences even though there’s not much of the fence visible.

Maxine and Firecracker Joe Return Home

15 Jul

Saturday morning, when my nephew came to pick up the little boys for the sale, he brought Maxine and her baby, Firecracker Joe, home.  He turned them out to pasture, and they both seem quite happy out there.

Gelbvieh calf

Gelbvieh cow and calf

Gelbvieh calf

I love my busy, busy evenings of checking on the cattle and making sure none of the new little kids get left behind.


It’s my favorite time of day to take pictures too.

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Edit:  I’m so far behind in visiting blogs I didn’t know about the wonderful new meme hosted by You’ll Shoot Your Eye Out called Song-ography.  This first week’s song for inspiration is Homeward Bound.