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A Couple of Other Things

3 Aug

Thing One

The kitten is growing and doing well.


Actually, I can’t believe how good he is for a kitten.  He’s pretty chill.

Although, now that he’s healthy, he does have much more energy and a bit more naughtiness.

The most amazing thing is that Bob has easily accepted him.  That is not what I expected, but I’m not going to complain.


Thing Two

One morning after milking, I came out of the milk room to see a bunch of goats run out of the barn.  They were followed by my dog.  Not even going to tell you what a panicked feeling that was because he’s a crazy thing.  To my great relief, he actually came and went into the yard when I called.  Then he herded the goats in the yard back to where they belonged.  I do love my goofy dog. I have no idea why he listened and was so goo, but I am so glad he did.


Moose, I’m not so thrilled with.


Because the only way the gate got opened was him opening it.

Seriously.  That boy is giving me gray hair.

A Change of Habit

23 May

The goats have been going out to pasture as soon as the sun comes up and then stay out most of the day.  I’ve been waiting for that habit to change, so I can let them out on the back part of the Back Forty and not have to worry about coyotes.  They finally switched!  Now they have all of the Back Forty to roam.

See how tall it is behind the gates?

Honestly, I’ve also been waiting for the drought to end also.  We’ve had rain for the last eight or nine days, and everything is growing like crazy.  That makes me feel a lot better about letting them out there also.

With the rain, the front half is looking good again, but they do like the tall stuff.

Luckily,  most of them saw me coming down to the gates, so they knew where I was at.  They did ignore me for a while when I called to them.

Are you talking to us?

Eventually, they started wandering my way to see why I was yelling for them.

When they noticed the open gates, that made them come on a run.

Most of them stopped to grab a mouthful as soon as they hit the tall stuff.




Soon, everyone was coming through and wandering off.

Of course, some of the kids didn’t follow because they had no idea what was going on.

I figure they  have to come back through the gates so it will all be fine.

Toddler Photo Shoot on the Farm

30 Apr

The Little Farm Hand turned one year old on Friday.

Since I’m watching him, we decided to do a photo shoot.  I’ve learned some things.

1.  Obviously, I already knew that cloudy days are better for preventing horrible shadows.  I’m also going to say that the gate rails are always at the wrong height.

2.  The German shepherd is not a good photography assistant.

3.  Windows in the house are nice for bright sunny rooms, but they do not work well for a photo shoot.

4. I also need a backdrop for the house.

5.  Don’t forget to change the batteries in the speedlight because your book will be a blur.

6.  Shoes are a necessity.

7. It took me five minutes to close the gate holding the toddler and just a couple seconds when he could stand there.

8. There’s too much to look at outside.

9.  Photobombing llamas.  Nothing else to say about that one.

10. Stinky llama breath.

11.  Fine baby hair requires hairspray like it’s the 1980’s even when there is barely a breeze.

12. He might have inherited my hair.

13.  It’s hard to make a baby smile when all they can see is your camera.

We’ll have to try it again when I have an assistant.