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They are Stubborn

7 May

Since everyone ran to the barnyard instead of coming to me when I was trying to let them into the back pasture to eat, I gave up.  When I got to the hill outside the barnyard, everyone was standing around looking confused.

I tried calling to them.

Stormy in front, Flower, Moose, Casey behind

I even led Myson for a ways and then gave up.

Athena headed the wrong way

Finally, Antigone couldn’t stand it, and she left the herd to follow me. Then her mom and Myson came

Antigone, Myson, Pistol

Soon, everyone was following!


We made it to the gate!

That was way more work than it should have been.


I Shoulda Stayed in Bed

4 Sep

Did you ever have one of those days you really didn’t want to get up?  That was me this morning, and since it was Saturday, I lazily shut my alarm off.  Unfortunately, my Gomez alarm went off just after seven.  I got up and quickly put clothes on, hurried downstairs and slipped on my sandals.  Then I went to get his head unstuck.



While I was freeing Gomez, I heard boys blubbering.  That was not too unexpected.  Hormones hit, and I had all kinds of boys in love with half a dozen girls yesterday.

Flower surrounded by Chocolate, Virgil and Mose

Flower surrounded by Chocolate, Virgil and Mose

It got so bad that when I went out to give Helen her meds, poor Reva couldn’t feed her two kids.  They were trying to nurse, and the whole time, three other big June boys were trying to breed her.  Luckily, when hormones are involved, the boys are pretty focused on one thing. It was easy for me to catch Mose and Virgil and haul them to the Love Shack.  Chocolate is always easy to catch, so I got them shut in.

Chocolate, Virgil and Mose

Chocolate, Virgil and Mose

After freeing Gomez, I looked to the barnyard to see if there was someone else I needed to pen.  I kind of froze in shock.  It was Sam blubbering.  I can’t even tell you what girl he was in love with because it was Sam.  Sam was supposed to be on the front pasture with the three other big bucks.  This did not bode well.  I looked around and immediately saw that the boys had busted the wire holding the big gate between them and the barnyard, so it was wide open.



I hurried to the house because I was not about to wrestle bucks in sandals.  When I came back out, I’m pretty sure my eyes widened in panic.  I yelled, “Helen.  Fionn.  No.”  Poor Helen can barely support herself; she does not need a two-hundred-pound buck on her.  I climbed the fence, caught Helen and led her to the gate.  Fionn was right on her back end the whole way.  Luckily, as soon as I got her in the yard, he decided he’d have time for through-the-fence breeding later.  He would find someone else to love right now.



When I went back in the barnyard, besides really wishing I’d already had my morning coffee, I finally saw Xerxes.  He was in love with Coral.  I used the same theory that worked with the little bucks the night before:  I could walk right up to him, and he wouldn’t notice.  It worked.  I was afraid I’d lose my grip on his horn, so I straddled him and we walked together to the Love Shack.  I had already unfastened the gate, so it was easy to put him in.



By this time, Sam had already seen me.  He was keeping an eye on me, but wait.  There was a girl in the green house he hadn’t noticed before, so he went to check Muffin out.  Luckily, she didn’t smell good to him, but he had himself cornered.  I grabbed his horn and led him to the Love Shack too.

Sam and Xerxes

Sam and Xerxes

Next up was Boeris.  After nearly a year-and-a-half of looking pathetic, he actually looks healthy again.  That’s good.  Sadly, with feeling good, he’s also regained his interest in girls.  That’s not good because his babies have huge heads that are hard on my girls.  He was easy to catch, and other than nearly having to drag him all the way back to the front pasture, he wasn’t a problem.  I put him in and shut the gate.



That only left Fionn.  By this time, Coral was the center of his attention, so I took Coral by the horn and used her as bait.  Now, you’d think someone I nicknamed “Kiss-me Coral” would be sweet and walk with me.  No.  I had to drag that round-as-she-is-tall thing all the way to the gate, her toes digging furrows in the ground the entire time.



Boeris was still standing there.  Fionn was behind her.  I opened the gate, and for some reason, she didn’t like being between the two bucks.  She slipped away from me.  Fionn and Boeris both tried going after her.  I had them both for just a split second, but Fionn was gone.  Boeris escaped through the gate, but I caught him and wrestled him back where he belonged.

bucks and does_5218ews

That’s when I paused to dry heave for a minute before calling reinforcements.  Luckily, my nephew was just about off work.  He could be there in twenty minutes.  Finally, time to make coffee!  With one cup of coffee in me, by the time my nephew got here, I was ready to get my last buck wrangled back into where he belonged.  He had turned his attention to Dolly.

Betty Lou, Fionn, and Dolly

Betty Lou, Fionn, and Dolly

I couldn’t bribe her to come over to me, but Fionn was easy to catch.  I grabbed a horn.  My nephew took the other, and we easily walked him to the gate.  By this time, Boeris had given up on girls and one out to pasture to eat, so we didn’t have to worry about him.  Easy peasy.  Fionn was back in.


All four bucks are now secured, but I’m stressing over what to do with all these girls.  Obviously, all my old retired girls will be getting a shot so they don’t have kids.  So will Helen.  I don’t know what I’m going to do with the others because it messes me up for spring break babies.  I also do not want a lot of babies coming February 1st.  Stinking bucks.

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The Wind Blows

7 Apr

Last Friday, we had a beautiful evening.  The sunset was spectacular.




It’s been windy since then.  It’s blown from the north and the south.  It’s been a hot wind and a cold wind.  It’s been dry and it’s been rainy.  Throughout it all, it’s been windy.  It was so windy  that it blew my fence down between the west side of the barnyard where the main goat herd was and the front pasture where my new moms were.



That means everyone is back together.  I had planned on waiting another week so the kids were a little bigger, but I guess it’s okay.

kid in pasture_4377aws

Some have made it out to the Back Forty, and they have made it back.

Haley and Kip

Haley and Kip

I will say, Llenny was a bit confused though.  He didn’t seem to know why on earth his herd was on the other side of the fence.


Poor llama.  He has is all figured out now though.

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