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The Drought Continues

11 Jun

I see the blue skies and puffy clouds and wish they were rain clouds.  Our drought has continued.

They said on the news that we are nearly seven inches down on rain for the year, and we were already dry going into this year.

We are also ridiculously hot for this time of year.

Dolly checking out the tall grass right before it was mowed

My hay was mowed, but it isn’t going to grow much until we get more rain.

That worries me for my soybeans.

It worries me for my pasture.

Aurora and Maybeline

I have already been watering the garden almost every day.  Ironically, the weeds are the only things that are doing well there.  The row stuff is pretty spotty, but I don’t think it would do much good to replant.

There’s a few corn plants coming up in there.

Well, the tomatoes look okay with the watering.

tomato and blossom

We really need rain, but even when we’ve had those gray clouds I haven’t gotten anything.  One afternoon, my mom got rain (a couple of miles from me) and I could see rain in the distance and hear thunder, but my farm had only a few sprinkles.

It didn’t even slow down my watering the garden.

watering a broccoli plant

Please send rain.

Crazy Weather

30 May

I tell you, the last month or so of weather has been crazy.  We were in a moderate drought.  I think I mentioned that we were finally getting some rain.

Astra, Myson, Bambi and Ava in front wishing they didn’t have to go through the mud last Saturday.

We actually had eight days in a row with rain.  Some were just sprinkles, but we had over two inches of rain throughout that time. It was enough to make a lot of mud.

Litha trying not to walk in mud

But it didn’t even change our standing on the drought monitor.  We’re still in moderate drought; although it is better for some parts of the state.  I was hoping we’d be upgraded to just “abnormally dry”.

Then we got hot.  We spent the first part of last week in the low eighties with horrible humidity.  I will say, it makes the grass and weeds grow.  I can’t even keep up.

Where I lost the magnolia tree is just out of control.

Then there was more rain. Sometime in there, my soybeans got planted because they are coming up quite nicely.


My garden is coming to life, but I can’t get in there to take care of weeds.

That is one big garden. All those weeds calling my name…

tomatoes, peppers, cabbages, and lots of weeds




sweet corn (you can get more in a crooked row)

The first rain also let me see who was visiting my garden.  It was dried up and hard to see by the time I got took my pictures, but there was a raccoon clipping the corner of the garden.  Then there were coyote and deer tracks as well.

colored corn in a coyote paw print

The deer sank deep!

My asparagus took off with the rains.


In fact, some of it might have gotten ahead of me and gone to seed.


The end of the week saw much cooler weather.  You can’t see Friday’s high temperature of 50°F, but it was a record low high for this date.  Seriously, it’s the end of May.  It’s Memorial Day weekend.  We are not supposed to have a frost advisory. Luckily, I think everything is okay.

But look at the end of the forecast–back up to almost ninety!  That’s crazy!

And an update since I wrote the post yesterday.  This morning, I managed to get the whole garden cultivated and the yard around it mowed (after the picture was taken).  One more yard to go this weekend (and we’ll see if I actually get any more weeding done in the garden.

Yard and Garden

17 May

I haven’t shared much lately about anything but kids and the goats’ health, so I thought I’d take today to catch you up.  My dad got a tractor and tiller, so he tilled my garden.

He did an amazing job!  It was really nicely done.

planting sweet corn

I learned my lesson from last year and waited until our frost free date before I bought plants.  I don’t want to have to plant this thing twice.

I managed to get it all planted with some help from my mom.

However, I’m pretty sure the garden grew in size.

Can you see the tomatoes planted in there?

I am so glad we got some rain.  I’m especially glad for the rain because my water was not working up north, but it is working again now.  I don’t know what was wrong.

In yard news, you might remember my dad was helping me mow, but he is not a fan of mowing my yards (with good reason).

my dad’s big mower with the Little Farm Hand and my son

With the death of the “lawn ornament,” I decided I had to suck it up and be a grownup and get me a big girl mower.

Brand new!

I tried it out, and it does a pretty good job; although I am not used to these new mowers and where all the necessary levers and pedals are located.

mowing around the garden

I do think I need to haul in some dirt (or compost or barn cleanings) to fill in a bunch of the rough spots though because it is really, really rough and hard to get through the dips and ditches.  Which is part of why my dad doesn’t want to mow it.

It is ridiculously rough.  And my yard has lots of fences and trees and little spots that make it hard to do a good job.

Sky in the freshly mowed yard

That means I also need to replace my push mower to do a better job of getting close to everything. (It might have gotten hay and goat pellets in the gas tank over the winter a couple of years ago. Don’t know how that would happen.)