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The Heat Goes On

19 Jun

We are still in the midst of horrible heat.  It has been more like August than June.  On top of that, the drought has continued.  In fact, we’ve progressed to severe drought based on the last drought monitor report.

Aurora is the one who can least tolerate the heat.  She does not do well with extreme heat or cold.  I’m starting to question my decision of a belly cut for her, but she was so cold over the winter, I thought it would be best.


Everyone is looking for a cool drink and a bit of shade.

I swear I am constantly cleaning and filling water tubs and buckets (the geese get them horribly dirty). And don’t even start me on the flies and wasps this year.  It has been horrible.

Joy, her boy Olaf, and Reva’s boy Micah

Luckily, we have a break coming.  Tomorrow is supposed to bring rain.  It looks like we could get an inch, which will not change our drought rating, but it will hopefully give my crops and pasture what they need to survive.  Then the temperatures are supposed to drop also.  We are all ready for a break from the heat.

This has been a horrible year to try to grow anything or try to do anything outside.  Even Bob Cat has decided it’s too hot to go out.

Bob Cat

But I’ve worked hard to get my garden reclaimed the last few days, since Tansy and Onyx had their kids.

Is this not the most sorry corn patch you’ve ever seen?  Well, I have replanted all the empty spaces.

I had to replant some of my beans, beets, some zucchini, and okra also.

beans, beets, brussel sprouts, and onions

I wasn’t even going to attempt carrots again, so that got replanted with brussel sprouts.

Just Some Things

16 Jun

My waterway was baled in big round bales for my nephew.  I am worried about my hay.  As long as we get rain at some time, I should be okay.  It might be fall though.  Hopefully, we get rain by then.

Garden season is well under way, and, as usual, I’m trying to get caught up with the garden.

I was kind of procrastinating because I didn’t want my hands so dirty in case I had to pull a baby out of Onyx (still waiting).

Still struggling to keep the finger out of the way with the new phone camera too.

I seriously have to quickly make a decision on whether or not to try and replant some of the stuff that didn’t come up.  There was also some things that came up and the seedlings immediately died because of the heat, so I’m not sure it would do much good to replant.

peppers and eggplant

With daily watering, I think I’m finally getting some of the plants caught up and looking better.


Bless my mom for helping me to weed while I’m still trying to keep from having dirt ground into my skin.


Mom weeding potatoes

The swallowtail caterpillars are enjoying the dill.

It didn’t even seem to mind getting watered.

We are also fully into the season for hanging laundry out on the line.

Sky likes to help.

It dries quickly when it’s this hot.

The Drought Continues

11 Jun

I see the blue skies and puffy clouds and wish they were rain clouds.  Our drought has continued.

They said on the news that we are nearly seven inches down on rain for the year, and we were already dry going into this year.

We are also ridiculously hot for this time of year.

Dolly checking out the tall grass right before it was mowed

My hay was mowed, but it isn’t going to grow much until we get more rain.

That worries me for my soybeans.

It worries me for my pasture.

Aurora and Maybeline

I have already been watering the garden almost every day.  Ironically, the weeds are the only things that are doing well there.  The row stuff is pretty spotty, but I don’t think it would do much good to replant.

There’s a few corn plants coming up in there.

Well, the tomatoes look okay with the watering.

tomato and blossom

We really need rain, but even when we’ve had those gray clouds I haven’t gotten anything.  One afternoon, my mom got rain (a couple of miles from me) and I could see rain in the distance and hear thunder, but my farm had only a few sprinkles.

It didn’t even slow down my watering the garden.

watering a broccoli plant

Please send rain.