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Hanging in the Barnyard

9 Feb

Just some of the critters hanging in the barnyard before our weather turned.






Flora and Popcorn (Why does he always make friends with someone who is getting sold?)

Odie and a gander


Bob demanding I quit taking pictures and let him in the house



Purl (once again on the workbench before I let her out of the greenhouse)

Not a lot else to do this time of year.


8 Feb

So far everyone is surviving the cold.




Nugget and the hens





gander and Athena

I did have to make a couple of changes.  I kicked Jonai out of the buck room.  She has a thick coat and a good layer of fat.


In her place, I moved Antigone over to the buck room.  Unfortunately, her big sister, Astra, was hogging the heat lamp.

Astra is cozy warm.

She was stuck with her butt against the heated bucket for a little more warmth.

Xerxes and Antigone in the corner

I also had to put a makeshift coat on Haley and move her up with Victoria and her girls.


Hopefully, a few days of eating without having anyone push her around will get her caught up and she won’t need the coat anymore.  Because it’s not a good fit.

Haley with Onyx, Ruby and Victoria

Hopefully, we make it through without any losses or having to take extreme measures (putting someone in the garage).

We Kinda Wish

3 Jan

I’ve always enjoyed my geese. They were one of the first animals I brought to the farm when I moved here twenty-two years ago.

These girls are nice.

Heck, this guy isn’t too bad. He likes to hiss a lot, but that’s not a big deal.

But this jerk really needs an attitude adjustment.

gander and Athena

He is horrible.  It doesn’t matter if he gets walked on or tossed with a horn or pulled off a goat by the neck.  He will not stop attacking them.

I think we’re all to the point that we want him to try and attack Odie.  We’re pretty she’s the only one around here who would stomp him into the ground and end his reign of terror.


I wouldn’t even feel bad if he got eaten by a coyote.