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Just Some Leftovers

23 Aug

Well, I’ve made it through the first couple of days back to work.  Here’s some leftovers from the past week.  Penelope is doing better now that she’s had some copper.  She was one of five March kids who got copper when everyone else did.

Penelope (front) and twin brother Pepe (back)

Why is it I see all these great pictures of butterflies sitting on pretty flowers, and the butterflies here sit on goat poop?

I need to band some little bucks since we’re getting to fall weather.  I really don’t need any oopsie babies next winter/early spring.

Pipsqueak and Moira; Chiffon in back

Vinnie’s little girl is adorable!  She is still getting one bottle a day, and she really looks good.


The red-headed woodpecker found something in the tree.

I wonder where s/he was taking it.

This dog is so goofy!


Cookie was enjoying the salt/mineral block.


I am almost finished with making the cheese I need.  Then I need to do some yummy Mozzarella sticks and feta.

I did finish scooping the barn before I went to work.


Lots of green beans!

I think I’ve decided to keep Moira.  She’s calm.  I can pet her, and she loves food.  That means she’ll be a good candidate for milking (I hope).  She also reminds me of her grandmaa, Coffee.

Snow White (facing away), Angela and Moira

The bottle kids are kind of annoying when I go into the north paddock.  I can’t get away from them, and they need to be weaned.

Vulcan and Venus

We finally have had several days with good rains.  That means I had a visitor!

Just a hawk flying over the trees.

Some of the ladies out in the Back Forty.

Bonnie, Vicgtoria, Stormy and maybe Pistol

Happy weekend!

Draining the Rain

29 Jun

My nephew and I went out to fix the fence that washed out and then we proceeded to get another four inches of pouring rain overnight (the rain I shared with you yesterday).  I waited a day and then went back out to finish the one last bit–I had to add a piece of cattle panel to cover a hole that had been ripped in the wire netting.  Unfortunately, because all the cornstalks and old debris from the field had washed with the last pounding rain, this time, it was silt washing from the fields.  Even in my no-till field, there was quite a bit of silt.

The Ranger made it through, but when I got to where I needed to fix fence, it was quite a little pond.

The tile intake was buried except for that tiny bit sticking out, and it was completely covered in water.

While I looked around to find something to push the silt away from the drain, I heard water running.  I followed the sound, and I found a small hole where the water was going down.  Some poor critter seems to have been flooded out of their home, but it was really helping get the water down to the tile.

I continued scavenging and found an old pole.  It had been used to fasten the gate shut before we put the new gates in, and it was still attached to the woven wire.  Luckily, I had brought bolt cutters to cut my piece of cattle panel, so I cut it from the wire and used it to push the silt away from the intake.  Then we really started draining some water!  Video linked below.


It doesn’t take long to drain when the water can actually get to the drain.

Just about the time I got done pulling silt away from the intake, a frog jumped over to say “hi.”

I finally had enough water drained to go fix the fence.

arrow pointing to the hole

I just put a chunk of cattle panel behind the hole and wired it in place.

I was still standing in water, but it was already a lot less than when I got there.

Before I opened the drain, that big flat shelf of rich topsoil (not to mention all the yellow intake) had been under water.

I figured I better go check the other two tile intakes in the Back Forty.  The first one was fine.  Again, you can see the ledge of topsoil that was just deposited along the running water.

The last tile intake was open too.  I had to use the pole to move the grass so I could see it though.

Hopefully, we get a break from the rain.  And I think the fence is ready for me to let the animals back out there as soon as the kids can keep up with their moms in pasture.

Hendrickson Marsh Random 5 Friday

13 Sep

There’s a marsh just a few miles from where I live.  When the biology teacher at work asked if I could bring him some water from my pasture and some hay for an experiment, I couldn’t do it.  We’re so dry, there’s not a drop of water in my Back Forty.  It did make a good excuse to go to Hendrickson’s Marsh for some water and photography though.

public hunting area

Hendrickson Marsh is a state-owned public area. Of course I only shoot with my Nikon.

shotgun shell

There are others that do come for hunting.

fish line caught on wire

Be aware of the electric lines when casting your fishing line.

I’m still dealing with allergies/hives.  I’ve talked to the administration at work, and I hope they will move my desk from the slightly damp basement where the wood shop is located.  I’m really tired of hives and headaches.


marsh plants

Hard to get good reflections in the brackish water

Hard to get good reflections in the brackish water

I’ve been busy canning tomatoes and salsa.  More is on the agenda for the weekend.  I also need to do some spaghetti sauce.  I’m hoping all of my necessary canning is done after this weekend.  Then I can give away or can as my mood and time permits.


I don’t know specific kinds of birds here. Anyone wanting to help identify, I’d appreciate it.

water birds


bird at marsh

We actually had nearly a half inch of rain this week, and there are a couple of more chances in the forecast.  The temperatures have also fallen to more normal for this time of year.  I’m very grateful for the cooler weather and rain.  I’m just hoping my soybeans can give me a halfway decent crop.

marsh sunset

I need to do some fence repair between my boys and my girls.  The little girls are still going in to eat with the big bucks, and it’s making me nervous.  Hopefully I can get someone with a backhoe to help me set new posts.

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