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Saturday Morning

25 Apr

With the fence being knocked down I decided Saturday morning that I’d let the goats go through the gates onto the back part of the Back Forty rather than having to climb over the fence.  I was planning on doing it this weekend anyhow (if I found time; otherwise next weekend).

I headed out to pasture while the herd was on the bottom by the gates.  Luckily the post that I keep under the gate so half the goats don’t sneak under just washed to the side and stop.  You can see how high the water was rushing down the hill.

It also put a lot of pressure on the chain fasteners.  Pretty sure they aren’t going to work again.

Since the goats were right there, I had Cupid and Caroline heading through as soon as I opened them.

Cupid and Caroline

As soon as the herd noticed the first girls going over there, they came on the run.

Tramp had no idea what was going on, but he was caught up in the excitement.


They were all in a hurry to get back there.

The grass back there is taller because nobody has been eating it yet.  It’s still not tall because of the cool weather we’ve had, but it’s a lot better than what they have been on.


Then I realized Antigone was still down by the gates even though all the other goats had headed up the hill.  She had her kids.  And  then I noticed four other kids had been left behind.  I shooed them over to Antigone and hoped they would stick with her.


Then, I headed back up to the house.

the herd on the hill

Later I went out to check, and they had all joined the herd.

The llamas were quick to head to the summer barn for some lounging.


Everyone was enjoying it.

A Bit of Rain

24 Apr

I can hardly wait for the next drought monitor to come out on Thursday because I think there’s a good chance we’ll no longer even be “abnormally dry.”  We have had several rains lately, but Thursday night through mid-day Friday saw four inches of rain.

I came home from work and decided I should just do a quick check of everything.  I counted kids first.  Everyone was present.

Brigit and Ostara


They really could have washed away, but I’m pretty sure they are smart enough not to go in the water.

I haven’t seen the ditch this full in a long time.

This kind of really hard rain is hard on all the conservation work we’ve done.  I still need to do a better job of stabilizing this end of the ditch.

It would help if the neighbors hadn’t removed all of their waterways because that lets the old cornstalks wash into my pasture and knock down my fence.

The silt from their tilled fields fill my tile intake and completely plug it. I couldn’t even find it to clear it and help the water get below ground.

Somewhere in there is a tile intake.

So there is a lot of work to do.  But, I am going to focus on the good and celebrate another new bird sighting at Eden Hills–I saw my first ever belted kingfisher!  He was snacking on something he caught in the wet bottom.

I also saw a big bunny when I came back into the barnyard.

So, yeah.  I’m glad for rain, but it’s going to take some work to recover.