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Some Market Scenes

7 Sep

I know I tell you all the time that I’m going to the farmer’s market, but I don’t often share pictures.  Tonight, I thought I’d share a few.  We’ll start with my stall.


SOOC jams: strawberry, tomato preserves, peach, cranberry pepper jelly, red raspberry and plum

soap stall

soaps, note cards and my first novel, Consent

Some people.  I take pictures for the market’s Facebook page, and I try to always get some fun pictures of people.

kids playing

couple walking hand in hand

I think the prednisone had me totally distracted and out of it, but I did take a couple of other pictures just because.

pigeons on elevator


American and Iowa flags

Finally, our market is quite close to a very busy train tracks.


I could do without the blaring trains.  Otherwise,  I love the market!

I’m sharing this with Song-ography, for Queen’s I Want to Break Free, which might not makes sense at first.  However, the things I’ve shared in this post are the things I want to break free from the constraints of my off-farm job to do.  I love farming and making products for sale.  I love photographing things (obviously need to work on my street photography) and my writing is also included here.  This is what I want to be free to do.

I’m also linking to SOOC Sunday and Weekly Top Shot.

Rhodes Days

27 Jul

My small town’s celebration started last night with fireworks.



Even though I spent all day in the farmer’s market, I was right in the middle of our small community celebration.  I got to see just a tiny bit of the parade while I was setting up for the market.

parade fire truck


One of my nephews drove the tractor he restored for his grandfather.

case tractor


The other nephew drove another old restored tractor (in case the first one broke down).

case tractor

I had my soaps and I had a lot of baked goods and jams for this market as well.  My dad sent some of his wooden items.

farmer's market

I was located right below the flag pole, and I might have a bit of a sunburn.

American flag

Why do these guys always seem to like the calendula and honey soap?

honey bee on soap

Part way through, my son brought me t-shirts and koozies for his new mechanic’s shop in town.

Caleb's repair

They had a classic car show, and Caleb was doing a burn with his classic Chevy s-10 (note he has a sense of humor.  His classic car will hopefully be running again soon).

Chevy s-10 burning tires

Really, there were a lot of really great old cars!

classic car show

The petting zoo featured some kids whose moms came from my farm.

petting zoo goat

pot-bellied pig

It was a great day, but I’m totally exhausted!  And there’s still tomorrow!

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