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First Fresheners

23 Sep

As I start thinking about next year’s kidding, I have quite a few girls who will have kids for the first time.  The two-year-olds are:





My only true yearling to be a first freshener will be Perdita.


She’ll wait until June, so that will give her a bit more time to grow.

First Fresheners

13 Jun

I’m constantly amazed how the goats and their kids just know what to do.  As a new mom, I read books and was still petrified and totally unprepared, but most times, those first fresheners are perfect!  Reva is my only first time mom this year.



She went into labor and I knew it was progressing, but she never pushed.  It happens sometimes.  When they don’t push, their cervix doesn’t open and the babies are not about to just fall out.  You have to go in and help.  It’s a slow process to work the cervix open and get them stretched out enough for the baby to pass.  I have to say, even though she didn’t push, Reva was great about letting me help her with her buck and her doe.

doe goat with kids

doe goat

Another common issue with new moms, is not knowing the nursing thing.  They will keep backing up and not let their kids nurse.  You might have to hold the doe while their baby gets that first drink of colostrum.

doe goat and nursing kid

Nursing goat kid collage

Occasionally, you’ll have a mom that is so clueless, they just don’t know what to do with their kids and completely reject them.   Sometimes, you can work with them and get them to accept their kid (Pistol with her doe Coral), but sometimes, they never do accept them.

doe goat with kids

doe goat with kids

I didn’t have to worry about this with Reva.  From the moment they arrived, she’s been a perfect attentive mom.

doe and kid goat

I am glad my first freshener is done though.

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