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Holy Hormones!

11 Oct

I will be glad when I get a bunch of my girls bred for spring break babies.  The hormones are bit crazy with all these girls coming into heat.

Litha, Stormy and Hilda

They are literally fighting over the bucks.

Xerxes and Zeus watching Litha and Stormy fight.

Crazy goats.  They are twins.  They are ten.  They are not getting a buck.  They are retired.  At least Hilda is smart enough to stay out of the fight.

Fionn (and Zeus) watching the girls

I can’t get Maybeline and Odie to look at Tony and these old, retired ladies are fighting over the bucks.  Figures.


Community Mixer

21 Jun

When I went out to milk goats this morning, the first thing I noticed was Vixen and her kids on the wrong side of the barnyard.  Then I saw Maggie.  As I looked around, I saw several moms on the wrong side.  That means my goats were all mixed together again instead of having my moms on the front pasture.

Joani with Gomez and Tish

Joani with Gomez and Tish

It certainly makes my March babies look big.

Dolly with Rufus

Dolly with Rufus

I wondered what happened that caused them to get mixed together, but then I saw my gate had been opened.  Then I saw Sugar.



Seriously?  She had to have been fighting with someone and opened the gate in the process.

goat injury_9592ews

Of course, my first thought was my aging herd queen, Minnie Pearl.  She should not be fighting at all, and I’d already had to separate her and Penny last night.  You know.  Summer solstice and full moon shenanigans were quite prevalent last night.  Anyhow, Minnie had no evidence of fighting.

Minnie Pearl

Minnie Pearl

In fact, the only other goat I could find with just a dab of blood on her horn was Helen.  Really?  Sugar looks like that and my CAE arthritis medicine very night because she can hardly walk goat wins the fight?  Wow.



My only concern with everyone being mixed together was how the new kids would handle going out to the Back Forty.  They really haven’t learned to follow their moms in pasture because my front pasture is so thick I can’t hardly walk out there.  Only one mom took her kids out.  Guess who…

Wanda with Charlie and Ava

Wanda with Charlie and Ava

Wanda, my only first time mom, with the youngest and smallest kids took them out to pasture.  Luckily, she brought them both back!  Good job, Wanda!  Vinnie was more practical and left Virgil up here while she went out to eat.

Vinnie and Virgil

Vinnie and Virgil

By this evening, everyone seemed to have figured out they had the whole barnyard.  Look at those two lining up to be milked.

Cinnamon followed by Clover

Cinnamon followed by Clover

They were closely followed by Haley.  I guess, for better or worse, we’re back to one big goat group.

DIY Redneck Peacock Shelter

7 Jun

The same time I was sleep deprived and delivering kids like crazy, I was also dealing with a crisis in the poultry barn.  After two years of living here and sharing the same building/outside pen for a year-and-a-half Blue Gryphon’s presence was finally deemed unacceptable by my older male peacock.  So the fights and constant stalking began.  Poor Blue Gryphon was hiding under the little chick pen (that he’s sitting on top of below).


I had no idea how to deal with this, but decided I could divide the outside pen in half if I could get shelter on the far side.  So I literally used an old pallet, some electric fence posts, part of an old tarp, staples, duct tape and bailing twine.

peacock pen_8364ews

It worked, and Blue Gryphon was very quick to take shelter under it.


Of course, the chickens could go right through.  Luckily the jerk roosters stayed out while I was building it. I’m guessing they were afraid I’d use the staple gun on them.


Sadly, Blue Gryphon finally wanted to go up to roost for the night (I didn’t have time to get a roost put up with all the kids being born), so he figured out how to squeeze through. I had already seen the peahens go through, but I had hoped the boys would be just enough bigger they couldn’t make it through.


The next day, I got my old rooster over there, so it was another day of separation.


Sadly, he finally got through and when I went out next, they were both sitting on a saw horse like the good buddies they had been up to this point.  Hopefully, the couple of days in time out helped everyone get along again.  Now if I could just find someone that wanted to turn three roosters into chicken and noodles.

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