It’s Starting to Look Like Fall

fall fields and pasture

fall pasture

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Has Fall Left Already

It seems like summer lasted for a long time, we had a brief fall, and when we got up Wednesday morning, I was greeted by a very winter scene.

Of course the snow was nearly gone by the time I arrived home from work, but even today I found snow on the north side of the trees.

There are still remnants of snow on the north facing hill also.  By the way, this is the fence that must be replaced next year.  You can see it if you really try.

We had quite a few inches of snow.  Between the rain and snow, it turned out to be over an inch of precipitation.  That’s good.  We need the moisture, but I’m not sure I’m really ready for winter.

Not only have we had our first snow, but our beautiful colorful leaves have also disappeared.  Any of the leaves I found on the trees today were just brown and dead.

Most of the trees are bare against the skyline.

The crops have been harvested from the fields, and they too are brown and dead beneath tonight’s mourning moon.

I think Iowa fields are still beautiful even when they’re empty.

Even the goats are looking like it’s winter.  The kids are really getting fuzzy and round.

Coral Blackboer

I am not ready for winter.  I still have a lot of work to do outside before winter gets here for real.

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Looking at the Good

I’ve been a bit worried lately (see yesterday’s post), and sometimes that makes me forget how great things are.  Tonight, for Farm Friend Friday and Farmgirl Friday, I decided to take a minute to focus on the good and the beautiful.

When I came out to give a couple of bottles I saw Pam and Stormy (my two weakest, most run-down girls).  I had forgotten Pam in the building eating.  She and Stormy decided to play dominant goat with the fence between them–that means they are feeling better!

I have eighteen happy healthy kids running around, and two more are living with my sister.  I don’t often show my bottle kids because they are never far enough away to get a picture.  Well, Fionn was busy playing with Bullwinkle and Lincoln and didn’t notice me right away.

Of course as soon as he saw me, he came running!  He’s such a big boy!  Look at that massive chest.

He reminds me so much of hid daddy and his granddaddy.  Cute and sweet!  I think he might even get the curls!

On my way back to the house, I noticed that after our rainy day, the sun was coming out.  Even though the magnolia blossoms are still waiting for a lot more sun and some warmth, their pink blossoms looked dramatic.

Since they haven’t frozen the last couple of nights when our temperatures fell to around the freezing point, I’m hoping the worst is past and they will get to finish opening up.

It made the view across the road beautiful!

The bluebell (yep, I only have one) is actually getting ready to open.  I can see that pretty purple peeking out.

Finally, I have figured out how to keep my Great Pyrenees, Stella from escaping the yard and roaming all night.  Now, she’s back to making the rounds inside the fence and barking a warning all night long.  No wonder she sleeps so soundly.

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