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Food Fight Part II

29 Jul

You might recall that I’m feeding Aurora extra feed to try and put weight on her before winter gets here.  Odie has some issues with not being fed also, even though she’s already plenty heavy.

Odie is not a skinny llama.

Every time I let a goat in the milk room, Aurora’s right there begging for food.

Aurora steaming over my window.

Haley gets to come in and eat because I want to make sure she gets plenty with her bum foot; although, she is doing really well.

As soon as she comes in,  I put the pan out for Aurora.

Dolly also comes in because she’s old and has bad teeth.  These two old goat ladies race for the door and push each other to be first.  When Haley wins (and she pretty much always wins), I have Dolly standing outside waiting rather impatiently.

But it doesn’t take long until I let her in and kick Haley out.  If Aurora isn’t done, then I have to go out and referee.

Okay, I have to tell Haley to go away.  So far, Aurora has been pretty nice about not just stomping or spitting on Haley.

I can’t say the same in her treatment of Odie when she gets pushy.

Cranky llady does not share her food.

Disorganized Chaos

16 May

I was taking a few pictures the other evening when the goats noticed I was in the barnyard.  That means they came on the run to get fed.

I usually don’t show you what chores are like because it’s a bit chaotic.

They swarm around me and the food pans.

Reva, Maggie, and Astra

They push each other.

Clover and Gidget

There’s lots of spilling.

They step in the pans and dump them.  Way too much spilling.


I occasionally have goats trying to get to the food pan quicker by going between my legs (thankfully no picture of that).


It’s absolute chaos.

There might be some swearing (especially when the fighting, swarming, and pushing gets kids stuck in the midst of it).

Squanto and Trooper

Although, they are doing a good job of getting in there to eat, or staying out of the way.

Hilda and a whole lot of kids

Siblings eat together. It’s safer that way.

Casey and Cookie

Mothers and daughters sometimes eat together.

Annie and Caroline

Sometimes they are the ones fighting.

Victoria and Vinnie

Occasionally, someone left with a bit of corn in their fur for some backsnacking later.


It all works out eventually.

Moving Critters

3 Apr

Now that the kids are here and spring is here, I need to move some animals around.  I have to say, I’ve been thinking way too hard about how to get everyone where they need to be and keeping certain animals away from others.  You see, I can’t have MJ with my bovine babes.  He’d try jumping them again when they came into heat, and that’s what almost killed him last summer.  After much debate, I’ve decided to put him in the north part of my barnyard.  That panel in the barn (behind the tarp) will get moved, and I’ll open that door, so he can still have access to a part of the barn.

geriatric steer

Then he’ll also have outdoor space where Kizzy and her daughters and grandkids are at right now.

goats and cows

It’s shady and big enough for him.  I don’t think he walks well enough that he can ever feed himself, so I’ll still be able to provide him with hay and grain up there and not have to worry about anyone else trying to steal it.

Right now, the new moms and their kids are in shut in the barnyard closest to the house, and I’m feeding them hay.  I can’t feed them enough hay, so we need them to be able to go out to pasture.  Right behind them in the other half of the barnyard are the rest of the goats.

doe goat nursing kids

They have access to the front pasture right now, but I want them all out in the back forty.  It gives them a lot more room.  Plus, I can let my two big bucks have the front pasture.


The bovine girls are currently in my field where corn will soon be planted.


They need moved into the back forty.  They’ll also have access to the barnyard.

cows on field

All this moving around is on my agenda for the weekend.  We’ll see how cooperative everyone is.

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