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23 Jan

This time of year it’s all about making sure everyone gets enough to eat.  Nobody’s going out to pasture (I feel bad for the wild animals because we have a layer of ice that I’m sure is making it hard for them).

Athena and Aurora

It’s all on me to make sure they have plenty to eat.  So far my hay is holding up quite well.  The stuff on the bottom is still from 2019.  I have another big stack in front that is from 2020, plus everything on top from this past summer too.

Coral, LilyAnn, and Moose

As long as we don’t have winter through the entire month of April, we should be good.

Odie nibbling on leftovers

Grain is the one that is keeping me on my toes.  I stopped to get more shelled corn and goat feed and found out the factory that does the goat feed is shut down.  I don’t know what that means or how long it’s going to be unavailable, but we’ll deal with it.  I just have to slowly increase the corn I’m giving those who were still getting sweet feed.

Filling the chicken feed tub

Checking it out

Not waiting for me to put it out for them (although they still had food in their bowl)

I also feel like I’m stopping about every other day to buy feed since the bulk bin is still not repaired (I’m old and slow).  I took the truck this morning and really loaded up.

Yes, I cage my feed to keep it safe (or I was too lazy to take the pen out before going to get feed).

Partly because I also needed chicken feed, and my car just can’t hold that much at once.  It’s much easier to unload the feed and haul it over to the building when the goats are out in pasture, but that’s not happening now.

So, I have to be prepared for Moose. This is how I find the gate EVERY SINGLE TIME I go out there.  It’s not easy to open and hook that chain with a fifty-pound bag of feed on your shoulder but I have to.


Moose with Chiffon peaking under to see if she will get to sneak in.

Maisie trying to decide if she can rush past me to get grain.

EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. And after I finished hauling feed in, I brought the food bags out with me and set them down while I fastened the gate.

Myson, Bambi, Caroline (maybe), Joy’s butt; Dolly and Pluto coming to join in

Yep.  They swarmed on the off chance that there might be one kernel of corn left in there.  You’ll notice poor Joy trying to hop out of the melee because she was getting smashed.  They are crazy!

A Visit from Artie

3 Aug

You might remember me complaining about the bulk bin leaking and spoiling the corn.

I finally got around to cleaning it out. I started by chopping a path to the thing. (How do I get so far behind in everything?)

Then my nephew brought Artie, the vintage flair box wagon, out for me to put the corn that wasn’t bad in it.


It took a bit of beating and prying, but I finally got the shoot to open.

Odie was supervising.

I’m working on getting it done.  Once it’s empty, I need to try to seal around where it leaks. I hope I can get it sealed.

Then I can get it filled with corn to feed the goats over the winter.


24 Oct

After finishing his meds, Tony was still only eating hay, despite having a bit of llama feed with him.


Then I noticed he had nibbled some. Yay!

Then the next night I had to refill it.  I’m hoping this means he’s feelling better.