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A Visit from Artie

3 Aug

You might remember me complaining about the bulk bin leaking and spoiling the corn.

I finally got around to cleaning it out. I started by chopping a path to the thing. (How do I get so far behind in everything?)

Then my nephew brought Artie, the vintage flair box wagon, out for me to put the corn that wasn’t bad in it.


It took a bit of beating and prying, but I finally got the shoot to open.

Odie was supervising.

I’m working on getting it done.  Once it’s empty, I need to try to seal around where it leaks. I hope I can get it sealed.

Then I can get it filled with corn to feed the goats over the winter.


24 Oct

After finishing his meds, Tony was still only eating hay, despite having a bit of llama feed with him.


Then I noticed he had nibbled some. Yay!

Then the next night I had to refill it.  I’m hoping this means he’s feelling better.


16 Jul

Every day when the goat herd goes out to pasture, that is the time I carry sweet feed across the barnyard to feed the girls still locked up north.  My three moms up there really do need a little bit extra yet.

Bambi (Lucky and Frisco were chewing on my while I took the picture)

There’s plenty of pans for everyone to find a place to eat.

Angela and Moira (Joy in the background)

Then I feed the llamas.

Odie, Maybeline, Aurora, Marge, and Chiffon

Cookie’s girls seem to think they are mini-llamas.

They are always the first ones there to get the llama feed.

I even put a fourth pan out for the two of them to share.

It looks like I might need to set another pan out.  Poor Aurora.