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The Bulldozer is Gone

4 Sep

I was kind of getting used to having a bulldozer parked at the edge of my field, but it’s gone!

Maybeline, Farina, Odie

Saturday, he came back and hauled a few more loads of dirt and finished his part of keeping my garage from falling off the cliff.

It looks really good.


I just need my allergies to calm down so I can try to get some grass planted there to take root before next spring’s rains.


Pregnancy Test

24 Aug

With moving everyone around, that means the llady llamas got to go up and see Ollie.


Odie and Maybeline were the first two to go up and check him out.  They look all sweet here, but they quickly put their ears back, and Odie even spit at him (repeatedly).  Of course, I already knew they are bred.

Ollie, Maybeline and Odie

Pretty soon, the other girls came up also.  I am not going to say 100%, but I do think they are all three pregnant.

Ollie with Farina, Estarr, and Aurora

All it takes is a glance in his direction, and the ears go back.

Aurora and Estarr

The only one who wants anything to do with Ollie now is Buster.

Ollie and Buster

And he’s just bragging that he gets to hang out with the girls all the time.

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Way Too Long

31 Jul

It’s been way too long since I scooped my barn.  Two summers ago, it was too rainy to get the manure spreader in the barnyard, and by the time it got dry enough, I had garage construction, so it didn’t happen.  Last year, I was consumed with pumpkin patch stuff all summer (By the way, that lack of time to actually care for and enjoy my animals is a big reason I’m not doing the pumpkin patch anymore).  That means, I’m scooping three years of manure.  Luckily, goats are way neater than cows.

Butter and Tequilla playing in front of Farina and Aurora

I’m going to try to get it done or mostly done before I go back to work in about three weeks (Yikes!).  We’ll have to wait until the crops are out of the fields before it can be spread on them.  That means I’m making a giant poop pile.

I’m also hoping, when I get done and the llamas come back over here, they will not make a llama poop pile in the barn.  That really is annoying.

And messy.  All the goats and I agree they should keep their piles outside.

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