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A Squirrely Random 5 Friday

27 Sep

1.  I really do feel like I’m constantly scampering hither and yon and chasing my tail after some elusive nuts.  Okay, what I mean by that is I’m quite busy.  I really was close to caught up on visiting blogs, and then it was suddenly a week later.  Really.  I am trying.

squirrel on tree

2.  I’m busy with author things.  I’m trying to find people to do blog reviews and Amazon and Goodreads reviews.  I’ve already shipped off ten copies of the novel, so I hope to start seeing reviews around the Blogosphere quite soon.  There’s still time to enter the giveaway at Goodreads.


3.  The garden is still producing.  Since I’m working full time, it’s a struggle to get things canned for winter, especially as the days continue growing shorter.  I tried roasting tomatoes last night to make a sauce.  That was pretty easy, so I am going to try some more this weekend if I can get time.


4.  I’ve talked off and on about wanting to put up an events center on the north part of my property.  Well, we have a renewed push to do this.  I’ve been calling and talking to people about water and sewer and perk tests and and and…  I believe one of my nephews is coming out this weekend to help clean up some of the junk.  We would like to have things done to host our first event next summer and then do a grand opening with a pumpkin patch.

squirrel close up

5.  In sad news, we’ve lost all three peachicks.  I do think I’ll have to have a different male before I can successfully raise any little ones.  I feel bad for the moms because they were very good and attentive.

squirrel in tree

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