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Day Two

17 May

Remember I thought I had the goats in for a day or two.  Well, about the time that post was going up, I was once again trying to get goats in.  You see, I did go out the next morning and find the place on the back fence where they were getting out.  The problem is there were like three big areas I needed to fix.  My son had my truck, so it had to wait.

I had to set up the two big chunks of panel and added another to the right in the picture.

As the post was going up the other day, the goats had made it all the way across the corn field and up by the buildings.  They were about a quarter of a mile away.

They ate their way through the grassy patch between the two parts of the field. The day before when they were out, they went the other direction where there isn’t a drop of grass–just tilled field.

It’s a good thing I have a big mouth because when I yelled, “Hey, goats!” they came back home.  It did take a bit more work (and yelling) to get them to go back along the fence and go under it to get back where they belonged.  Myson really looked like he would have preferred I opened a gate for him so he didn’t have to limbo under the fence (brat).


But everyone finally made it back onto the farm, and this time, they went back through the gate onto the front part of the pasture and the llamas were there, so I could  shut everyone off that part until I got it fixed.   And thank goodness the llamas weren’t out.  The goats are homebodies.  They’d have been back by evening anyhow; I’m not so sure the llamas would do that.

Maybeline and Odie

Luckily, the neighbors are nice.  They did try to find out if they were my goats or if someone else had gotten goats, but they decided to just let them hang out instead of calling me because they were okay with them munching.  I do appreciate that, but I’d prefer my bratty goats stayed home.  They thought they had about fifty goats there, but if you count the kids, it was closer to seventy-five goats out roaming.

Milo on the rock (Ruby in front)

I still don’t understand why they would leave the lush Back Forty with trees and rocks to climb on and water to drink.  Why?

Just because they can is probably the correct answer.  But (at least as of my writing this) we are on day two of staying where they belong!

This Is Getting Old

15 May

Guess what!  I went out to pasture on Thursday and the goats were out.  Seriously.  This time it was over half the herd.

Hera across the fence from Ares and Festus

Luckily, when we put the fence up back there we left a panel at the end in case of an emergency.  Well, this was an emergency.

I opened it and they came back in.  The kids who were not on the same side as their moms were quite happy.

Hera finally feeding her kids

Gidget too.

Gidget feeding Brutus and Bronc

I couldn’t even find where they got through. You’d think it would be fairly obvious when you have Moose and Casey getting through.

Moose and Casey (with Ruby in front)

Anyhow, that was a project for the next morning.  I think I’ve got it now.  At least for today.  I’m about ready to quit going out to pasture to check on them.


11 Nov

I know I shared that Zeus was being naughty.  He managed to jump the fence and probably bred Bambi and Harley. If I can catch them, they will get a shot.  I’m not sure I’ll be able to catch and give Bambi a shot.  She’ll be okay if I can’t catch her.


Harley has to have a shot because she’s now struggling with white line disease that has exacerbated her back injury.  She will get a shot.


Well, I fixed the fence where I thought he hopped over, and I figured we were all good.  Then I found him out with the girls again.  That day Stormy was in heat.


Coral was in heat.  They are both in the category of having to have a shot because it would kill them to have kids too.


Then I got to thinking about it, and Dolly had been in heat the day before (I had just given her and Coral shots to make sure they hadn’t been bred before).  That’s too close for comfort, so she’ll get another shot.


Then I noticed that both Caroline and Hera were in heat.  I assume he bred both of them.


That also annoyed me because they were supposed to be with Anubis.  Well, I guess that’s not going to happen now.


I also think he managed to breed Daisy this time too.


I caught Zeus and put him with the two little boys up north. That fence is a little better, and I had no idea where he got over, through or under this time.  Anyhow, that seemed to work.  For a little while.  Then I came home from work on Friday, and he was out again.  I was not happy.  This time, I’m pretty sure he bred Cupid and Sidney.  LilyAnn was in heat the day before, so she’s a question mark.



I put him back up north because I didn’t know what else to do with him.  I had to shut the girls in where I could catch them and sell them in the morning.  As soon as they were gone, I could shut him in there.  But before we got the girls loaded out, he jumped out and joined everyone out in pasture again.

Maggie (back), Cupid, Hera (lying), Marge, Bonnie, and Zeus

Seriously, dude?  I already threatened to sell him the night before.

Zeus and Annie

Now I have Cinnamon probably bred and Bonnie will get a shot.


When they came up, I put him in the greenhouse.  I had to reinforce all of my panels because he was freaking out.  He was trying to climb and push and was highly upset that he couldn’t get out.

Zeus and Bonnie

Then I tried feeding everyone, and he was out eating with them.  How?????


There was a two foot section above the gate.  I’m guessing that’s where he came through.  I put a panel across there.

Why? Why did you lock me up?  I want out. Let me out!  Now!

Sadly, if I can’t keep him in here, I will really have to sell him next weekend because I cannot keep giving these old ladies shots to keep them from having kids.  Hopefully, I’ve managed to make the greenhouse as escape proof as Alcatraz.

I’m also not happy with having kids for a month while I’m working.