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Getting the Hay In

18 Jul

Yesterday morning, my nephew came out and we got ready for the hay to be put in the barn.  He had to remove the round bale feeder (like the big compost pile it left in the middle) because we couldn’t get the hay in otherwise.

Since he had to come do that, he helped me with cleaning the barn out.  The pile he made is on the right side of the picture above.  It’s better in there, but I still have a pile that I will have to finish doing by hand because he couldn’t get it with the tractor.

Then I put the gate across the door to keep the llamas out because I’d had enough llama supervision the day before.

My nephew went out to rake the hay into windrows so it would be ready to bale.

The goats just went about their routine while he raked.

After he had enough done for the small square bales that I wanted, he just left the rake where he finished, and I took him to get the hayracks.

Then my dad came out to drive the tractor and my nephew stacked.  I had the easy job–photograph and bring them water to drink.

After my other nephew got off work, he came out to help stack and continue raking.

My dad left, but we gained my niece-in-law and my nephews’ uncle to help.

Since we weren’t unloading it all in the barn last night, I made sure everything was secure for keeping the goats on the west half of the barnyard.

Lily and LilyAnn


It looks a bit crowded with them all on that one side, but it was just for the night.

Then I got them their water.


We unloaded one hayrack before dark.  In the morning, my nephew brought out the borrowed elevator.

We unloaded the other four hayracks.

Now I should be good for the winter.

I better be.  We don’t need another winter like this last one.

Some Market Scenes

7 Sep

I know I tell you all the time that I’m going to the farmer’s market, but I don’t often share pictures.  Tonight, I thought I’d share a few.  We’ll start with my stall.


SOOC jams: strawberry, tomato preserves, peach, cranberry pepper jelly, red raspberry and plum

soap stall

soaps, note cards and my first novel, Consent

Some people.  I take pictures for the market’s Facebook page, and I try to always get some fun pictures of people.

kids playing

couple walking hand in hand

I think the prednisone had me totally distracted and out of it, but I did take a couple of other pictures just because.

pigeons on elevator


American and Iowa flags

Finally, our market is quite close to a very busy train tracks.


I could do without the blaring trains.  Otherwise,  I love the market!

I’m sharing this with Song-ography, for Queen’s I Want to Break Free, which might not makes sense at first.  However, the things I’ve shared in this post are the things I want to break free from the constraints of my off-farm job to do.  I love farming and making products for sale.  I love photographing things (obviously need to work on my street photography) and my writing is also included here.  This is what I want to be free to do.

I’m also linking to SOOC Sunday and Weekly Top Shot.