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A Bit of This and That

8 Aug

I think it’s a bit early, but the bucks are starting to come into rut.


That means I need to get rid of or move a lot of little boys because I would prefer not to start kidding in January again.

Lou and Cinquain

Bob had gone a long time without fighting, but that seems to have come to an end.  He had to be treated for an abscess on his ear.

Bob Cat

My hens are really slowing down their egg production, which is what I expected this year and why I got the five new girls.

one of the new girls

They are still giving me two or three each day, but that’s nothing like the five to seven I got from March until August.

old ladies: brown leghorns and a barred rock

In related news, I got my first pullet egg from the young girls!

The little one in front is a pullet egg.

The peacocks are losing their tail feathers.  Right now it’s just one or two a day, but it won’t be long until they are without tails.

The geese are enjoying their time outside.

They aren’t even going back in a night now.

One Evening Doing Chores

16 Apr

My chores are kind of getting easier with the nice weather and grass growing. I am still trying to give everyone some grain though, and there’s always water and hay for the ones who are shut in. One evening I actually had my phone while I did chores, so you get to see some of what goes on during chores.

Stormy, Moose, Haley, Bronc

For the big goats, it’s all about the grain. Some goats might be giant bullies and have to be threatened with getting sold if they keep picking on the girls. Yes, I am talking about Moose, but he is also a great big brother. He always has Uno tagging along, and he will even share grain with him. It just blows my mind.

Uno and Moose

For the littles, it’s all about nursing. Some poor moms can’t even get a break from feeding their kids while they are eating grain. Other kids take advantage of Grandmaa being busy eating to sneak a snack.

Blaze with grandkid Brutus nursing (Reva to the right)

Other kids just think it’s a fun time to play and run wild while their moms are eating and not paying attention to what they are doing.

While the moms eat, the kids will play.

Astra’s kids were quick to discover how yummy the sweet lick mineral bucket is.

Joker, Jester, and Avril

This is also evidence the Chiffon still does whatever she wants.


Did I say Chiffon? I meant Marge AND Chiffon. Brats.

Chiffon and Marge

I also have to make sure my buckets have clean water. They are not quite big enough to drink from the cattle tank yet, and so I have several buckets out for them.

Milo, Trace, Addie, and Bronc

I also have to gather eggs every day. This particular day, I got six eggs from the seven hens.

Overall it’s not too bad spending time out there with everyone when the weather is good and the days are getting longer. Unfortunately, we’ve gotten colder again. I’m looking forward to more of these nice evenings soon.


4 Apr

Free-range hen is back out enjoying her freedom.  I don’t know why she’s the only one that goes out.  I’m good with it as long as she stays out of the yard and goes back in before dark. The goose seem jealous though.

I try to keep the geese happy with a clean pool; although you can’t tell that here.

The girls are also laying eggs now, and I’m going to let them try to hatch a batch.  If they can raise a batch, I’ll probably let them back out to free range again (as long as the coyotes stay away).

goose nest

The peacocks are starting to dance and show off their tail feathers.

My chickens are entering their third year of laying eggs.

I figured they’d cut down on their numbers, but right now I’m averaging between four and seven eggs a day from seven hens.  Not bad.

Nugget leading the girls outside

I’m pretty sure though that they will not give me that many next year, so this happened.

When I went to town for more feed, I brought home five Cinnamon Queen hens.

I decided to get them now because I won’t get many eggs from these girls until fall, but they’ll be ready to give me lots of nice big brown eggs next spring.

There is nothing better than the sound of chicks talking.