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Ready for an Audition

15 Apr

Red and Casey have decided they want to audition for a Cadbury’s Egg commercial.


What do you think?  Are they ready?


For those who celebrate, have a Happy Easter!

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A Random Observation

20 Jan

It’s funny.  I never noticed before today, but Vixen’s ears are perfect sun visors.



They are positioned just perfecty to block the sun whether it’s morning or evening.  What great planning is that!


20 Oct

We have so many ears around here.

Maxine has big fuzzy ears.

Bambi’s are all stand up and pointy.

Millie’s poor stubby ears were frozen as a baby.

Lily has long floppy ears.

There are red ears,

black ears,

white ones,

and even polka dot ears.

Leo has itty bitty kitty ears.

The llama’s are quite expressive.

Mushu has very soft silky ears.

Even Naughty Rooster Boy has ears, we just don’t know where.

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