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Fly Over

9 Feb

When I was out with the goats, we had a fly over.

We must have been interesting because s/he came back for another look. (Edit:  I’m excited because I finally realized this is a juvenile bald eagle!)

A couple of days earlier, we had a landing in pasture.  Sorry for the horrible pictures, but they were taken from the window in the house because of the crazy cold, wind and blowing snow.

I felt bad for the poor pheasant.  Nobody should have been out in that horrible weather.

Sadly, it looks like we’re going to have a lot more snow and cold this coming week.  That means the wild birds are enjoying Sky’s dog food.


I really miss putting feeders out, but the dog thinks of them as bait for the birds.  I’m afraid that’s something he’ll never outgrow.

I was going to try to put them up outside the fence, but it ended up freezing before I got that far.  Sorry birds.  Hopefully next year.

A Birdwalk

22 Apr

It’s been a rough month on the farm, so when my mom asked if I wanted to go bird hunting, I was certainly ready.  I had to yell for her to stop the car before we got very far down the road.

Canada goose on haystack

Silly goose.  I don’t know how she thinks she’s going to get her goslings out of that nest.  It will be a doozy of a first step.

Canada goose on haystack

Canada goose on haystack

Finally, we got to our destination, Hendrickson Marsh.

Hendrickson's Marsh

Someone had told Mom about the eagle’s nest.

eagle's nest

Sure enough.  There’s someone home.  I did see her tending eggs or babies, but, of course, I didn’t get very close at all.

eagle's nest

There’s plenty of other birds to shoot, and I obviously need some practice with my new camera.




grebe taking flight

grebe taking flight


grebes flying

red-winged blackbird

Hendrickson's Marsh

I think it’s too smart for my good.  I guess I’ll just have to keep practicing with it.

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Just When…

26 Jan

I decided I wanted to hibernate for the rest of the winter like Leo and Snickers,

Leo Snickers


I was feeling like last summer’s flower,

dead flower

I was wishing I could find some of Stella’s enthusiasm,

Great Pyrenees collage

I was sure my body couldn’t take any more hauling water and pitching hay,



I was sick of not having any green (even the cedar tree has turned orange from the harsh winter and the goats constant pruning),

dead cedar tree

I couldn’t find anything but the same old sparrows and juncos to take a picture of,

sparrows and junco

I looked to the beautiful blue sky and saw a majestic bird, a bald eagle.

eagle collage

I think I’ll make it another day.

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