Scavenger Hunt Sunday

The items for this week’s scavenger hunt are:  details, precious, hungry, water, and wide angle.

Details:  I believe this is a meadowlark.  It’s not the best photo to see the details, but I think it’s good enough.  (I hope.)

eastern meadowlark

meadowlark collage

Precious:  After taking the picture of the chicks in the wine glass last week, I realized I don’t have an adorable teacup, but my mom and sister were kind enough to think of me when they found these at goodwill.

chick in a teacup

chick in a teacup

Hungry:  These little ones are really good at eating a lot of food.  I’m filling their feeders twice each day.  They’re good at wasting it too.  I should get a more efficient feeder for them.  It won’t be long until I have to separate them into a couple of pens to give them more room.  It won’t be long after that when I let them out.

chicks in banana boat

Water:  There’s water in the ditch!  There’s enough water for the sun to reflect off of it.

sun reflected in water

Wide Angle:  I know this isn’t truly a wide angle shot, but it does give you an idea of how big my back hill is.  Marley is on the left and Millie on the right.

hillside hayfield

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A More Favorable Look at the Geese

Geese sometimes get a bad rap.  They have a reputation for being mean.  They can be, but usually it’s during the mating season and they are protecting their turf, their nests, and their eggs.  Most of the time, they are pretty easy to get along with.

They really do enjoy the pools of water that I give them.

As soon as one gets out,

there’s another waiting to get in.

I personally think they are beautiful birds sitting so serenly in their wading pool.

Of course, some geese get a bit more carried away.

click on picture to enlarge

You’ll get wet if you stand too close.  When I see them flailing around in that tiny pool, it really makes me wish I had something better for them to swim and play in.

In the back forty, there is a tiny little drainage ditch that carries water onto my property.

After a short distance, it widens out into a fairly deep channel.

It makes a small pool before it goes underground into the tile.

I can only imagine how much they would like to play here, especially if we made that little pool into a little pond.  Maybe someday.

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Moderate to Severe Drought

The weatherman last night said we currently have moderate to severe drought conditions.  It really started last summer.  After the storm at the beginning of July, our precipitation has been very minimal.  I went back to the pasture today, and I can really tell how dry it is.

For the time of year all of our snow is supposed to be melting, the drainage ditch doesn’t have much water in it.  In fact one intake for the tile was bone dry.

There is water running, but not very much.

There is already algae in the water.  We don’t usually see algae until May.  A water bug!  We should not have insects out and about in March.

The whole pasture should be turning green with the warm temperatures we’ve had.  The hayfield, however, is completely brown and dormant yet.  We still need to do a couple more controlled burns.

It looks like the goats found and enjoyed this cedar tree last summer.  I don’t think it’s going to do too well this year whether it gets rain or not.

The areas we seeded last fall are starting to come up.  Hopefully, they will do well and fill in with grass this year  That will help prevent erosion.

MJ was enjoying our warm sunny dry day.  He hopes we get some rain to make the pastures turn green.

Maxine wouldn’t mind clean dry ground to give birth on.  Her last calf was born during a thundershower.  I think she’s starting to make an udder.

She also will want us to be able to make enough hay to feed her through next winter.  Hopefully the dry weather will break soon.

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