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Antigone’s Early Birds

16 Jun

Yesterday morning Antigone was off by herself.  That is a bit unusual, so I kept an eye on her.  Her due date was June 22nd (or 21st; I can’t remember if I accounted for it being a leap year).  I was sure of her due date because she was only with the buck a few hours because Hilda was being mean to her.  Then she went back into the garage with her mom, Pistol.

Pistol and Antigone

Anyhow, I kept checking on her out in pasture, and when she didn’t come up for sweet feed I got really suspicious.  I couldn’t get her to come to the buck room at all.  Since it was getting fairly late in the evening, I began to figure out a pen and how I could get her up to the buck room.  It’s not easy to lead a polled goat–no horns to hang on to and collars slip off.


Anyhow, I got a pen ready and found an old calf halter and went to bring her up.  I was too late.  She already had one baby, so I waited until number two arrived.

She was being a really good mom.

After a few minutes of bonding, I picked the two girls up, and she followed me up to the buck room.

This way she could have some quiet bonding time with her new babies.

As a first timer, she was a bit nervous and was struggling with letting her kids nurse, but she’s got the hang of it now.

Today they are fat and sassy little girls.

Doe #1

Doe #2

And she’s my last one for June babies!


4 Feb

The nice weekend weather had the little girls feeling quite playful.

Bubbles and Penelope

(and Penelope might have been in heat, which is a relief)

They really enjoyed the warm weather and sunshine.

Well Trained

18 Nov

I have two well-trained little girls.

Venus and Chiffon

Or maybe they’ve trained me.  Whenever Chiffon and Venus see me, they are ready to go into the milk room for some sweet feed.

I do let them go in to eat every afternoon because they were both so sick with the copper deficiency.  Being a bottle kid, Venus is a sweetie.

Chiffon is getting a lot calmer; although, she still doesn’t want me to touch her if she’s not in the milk room eating.  You can tell she’s not at all thin anymore.  That’s a good thing.  I like my goats on the fluffy side.

I’ve suggested she invite her twin sister Marge in to eat too.


Because if I talk to Marge, I get the goat-stare-of-death, and she quickly walks away.

Maybe she knows that she’s still on my list to be sold.