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Once Again…

3 Jan

I looked out the window one day last week just as the goats were headed out to pasture. I went out (I think it was to let the geese out), and they all came running back to the barnyard on the off chance I might give them food.

That’s when I noticed two goats fighting in the lane.  A closer look showed it was Myson and Zeus.  What the heck?  He was in Alcatraz.

Myson and Zeus

At least they were coming back from pasture.

Haley leading the way (Caroline beind; Myson in the door; Venus peeking through the fence)

I just had to wait until he came through the barn door and grab a horn.  He was pretty easy to lead back to where he belonged.

Then they showed me how my twine around the “gate” was busted.

Casey, Moose (behind), Myson, and Zeus

Fat wethers were trying to play with him.  They popped it open.  Brats.

fat boy wethers

Of course, Clover had to be in heat.

Clover with Xerxes

That means another shot to prevent oopsie babies.  I am really getting tired of this.

The Year of Endless Oopsie Babies

26 Dec

It’s not unusual for me to have an oopsie baby.  Usually that’s it.  Or we might have a couple because a buck gets out once.  But this year…


It is never ending.  Do you see who Margarita is with?

Margarita with Fionn and Xerxes (and Anubis who isn’t in the picture)

Oh my goodness.  I don’t even know how many oopsie kids this is going to be.

Yes, Xerxes, I can’t blame you if the girl breaks in with you.  You are innocent.

At least they should be cute kids.

Winter Warmth

23 Dec

I have to admit that I’ve enjoyed the warm weather.

Mama Phoenix enjoying grated apple

Reva scratching between her horns


Sky with his jolly ball


The critters are enjoying it too.