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A Little Bundle of Joy

7 Jun

I’ve had some of the girls who are close to kidding shut in, so my mom can check them while I’m at work.  I have Zinnia, Aphrodite, and LilyAnn in the greenhouse.



I haven’t decided when Aphrodite and LilyAnn are due, but they look closer than my original estimate–like they might have been bred right away like Zinnia and Cookie.

Aphrodite and LilyAnn

If you have to lay down to eat your sweet feed, you’re definitely ready.


Wednesay evening, I noticed that Penny’s udder had suddenly filled.

It also made the place she ripped her udder come back open.  Poor girl.

Anyhow, I put her in the Love Shack with Cookie and her girls.  That way she’s not running around in the tall grass with that udder injury.

Chiffon, Cookie, Marge, and Penny

She is due on Saturday, and it’s good for her to get a bit of TLC and sweet feed while she’s this close.  My mom is spoiling her by brushing the rest of her winter coat out.

Then, at 3:00 am Thursday morning, Zinnia had her baby girl!  A beautiful little bundle of Joy.

Zinnia and Joy

Mom is doting and protective, and she keeps snorting at me when I get close to her baby.

I don’t care if Zinnia wants me to stay away.  She’s going to be a nice sweet little girl.


Unlike Cookie’s little hooligan girls.

Chiffon and Marge

These two are wild things!   Monday is my last day of work before summer break.  I will be glad to be home with everyone.


Five Days Early

1 Jun

I got home from work yesterday and immediately went out to check and make sure Hera wasn’t stuck.  I walked into the barn and did a double-take.


Cookie had her babies!  She wasn’t due until June 5th, but everyone is doing well.

She has two beautiful little girls.

And Facebook was kind enough to give me a great memory earlier in the day. Cookie had them on her 8th birthday!

Scarlet and Cookie

How about that!

Beautiful Spring

11 May

After a very chilly and rainy week, our weekend is looking much better!

I was afraid the crab apple tree had been nipped by the freezing weather, but it must have just been waiting for this weekend.

When I took the pictures Friday evening, the whole thing was buzzing with tons of bees!

Happy bees!

Everyone is happier with sunshine.


Snickers likes lounging outside when the weather is good.


I have more bleeding hearts.

The kids are all growing and doing well.


I think Clark keeps getting more colors and crazy markings every time I look at him.


I have nine girls who are getting ready for June babies.


I am quite grateful for this lovely spring weekend.  Of course, I prepared this post on Friday evening when we had sun and 62ºF and it was supposed to be warm, dry and cloudy on Saturday.  Yeah.  Saturday was drizzle and cool all day long.  So much for my gratitude and a nice weather weekend.