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Benji’s Girls

10 Nov

I had four girls with Benji to make spring break kids.

Benji checking out Caroline

I already shared that Chiffon and Venus had come into heat, so no spring break babies from them.


Well, this last week, Trace came into heat.  I counted back three weeks, and she was probably in heat about the day before I put the bucks and does together.  Figures.

Trace (and big sister Bubbles in back)

The next day 2TC came into heat.  I knew when I put her in there that it would be lucky if she actually got bred for spring break babies, but I thought I’d try it.


That means the only one who might give me a Benji baby over spring break is Cupid.  And that is only because I saw her come into heat the day after I pulled the girls out and he was the closest buck for me to put her with.  I should know within a few days if she settled or not.

The waiting is torture.

Just Pretzel

2 Oct

It’s been quite the day, so you just get Pretzel.

She’s cute and makes me smile.

The Goats in Pasture

13 Aug

We did have some nice weather over the weekend. I took advantage of it to walk out and spend some time with the goats.  I tried to take a nice three-generation picture, but nobody was cooperating.

Sunshine, Tansy, and Cupid

At least Cupid’s boy, Pongo, knows how to pose for a picture.

Pongo with Cupid behind

At first, I thought this was Hera flirting with Freddie.  Then I realized it was Popcorn.  You can certainly see the difference in how a buck and a wether looks with this picture.

Freddie and Popcorn

Cutie is my most Saanen girl (7/8), and she always has beautiful girls, but they are wild.  Seriously.  I find that truly annoying.


Ava is the same age as Cutie, and she is also a high percentage dairy.  Of course, I kept her only sweet kid–Freddie.  Hopefully, I’ll get a sweet girl from her too.  I think I’ll try getting a dairy (probably Nubian) buck next year to get the next generation milking girls in 2023.

Here’s 2TC just for fun.


Chiffon is really looking little with her two boys.  Can you imagine if I’d let her try to raise all three?  I certainly might need to think about weaning.  Soon…

Chiffon with Nestle and Sonny

I am going to try to enjoy as many of these summer days as I can before I go back to teaching soon.