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Just a Few Pics of the Herd

23 Oct

Wanda’s back injury from last winter is almost unnoticeable.  I do still plan on retiring her, but she’s doing well.


I tell ya, Edith is just a carbon copy of her maa, Antigone.

Edith and Antigone

Pistol and Annie are hanging in there.  That’s about all I can say. That and they discovered cockle burrs, but they won’t let me clean them out of their fur. And every time I do manage to get them somewhat cleaned out, they walk through them again.  Poor girls.  I’ll keep trying.


Hera does not look too worried about LilyAnn trying to put her in her place.

Hera and LilyAnn

Tilly and 2TC were playing.

Tilly and 2TC

2TC may have been watching LilyAnn and practicing those moves.  Holding the ears up to look taller, is very important.

Chiffon came to see if I had peanuts.


Penelope has joined the group of young girls who like to come see if I’ve brought peanuts with me.


This is Moira checking to see if I had peanuts by jumping up and sniffing the camera.  Good thing she’s still fairly little.


Who I was trying to take a picture of.

Marin and 2TC

Ava was willing to settle for a few pets instead of peanuts.  Of course, she’ll get to come in for sweet feed at milking time.


The whole flock–the gander is showing off how well he’s recovered.

I’m going to try to sell the rest of the young goats this weekend if things work out.


It will be a relief to have them gone, but I will certainly miss some of them.

Not How It Works

25 Oct

We’ve had lots of rainy days that make the barnyard muddy.  I also have starte feeding the whole herd a bit of corn to start getting them used to it for the winter.  The goats are horrible about making me spill corn and they dump my pans.  Margarita seems to have found an alternate way to use the food pans while eating.


It really isn’t supposed to work that way.

Harley and Her Kids

2 Jul

I really do feel bad that I had to take Harley’s kids from her, but she needed to heal, and when I did try putting them with her, it didn’t work.  Enkidu still wanted to nurse.  He still does much to my annoyance, but they both seem happy with this situation.


But they are back with her now!   (They have been for a while; I’m just behind in sharing things because it’s been so busy.)  She just doesn’t remember having four kids.  She’s pretty sure there were only three, but she just accepted all four I put in with her.

She’s such a trooper.  After all, that extra kid is a three-quarters sister to her boys.

Eve, Gilgamesh, Enkidu, Horus

They have the same dad, and Harley’s triplet sister, Haley, is her mom.

I just keep encouraging Harley to teach all four of them to eat grass.

She’s also showing them how good sweet feed is to eat.  Soon, their rumens will start working.

Then I can cut back on the bottles.