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A Good Rub

24 Oct

The goats are always trying to find a good way to scratch themselves.  They seem to really enjoy rubbing against the ditch.


Wanda was really getting into it.

Wanda was a goat on a mission.

Then there’s Perdita who is using the fence to rub against.


It’s all good.

A Tricky Walk

28 Feb

Most times, the goats can travel in pasture with no problems.  But with the bit of snow that was left in pasture, it made it tricky walking in some places.


Luckily, Penelope didn’t fall into the ditch.

The Old Lady’s Still Got It

22 Feb

Dolly is my oldest goat on the farm.  She’s only eighteen days older than Stormy and Litha, but she is still the oldest.


When we were at pasture last weekend, she decided it was time to cross the ditch to the other side.

She doesn’t look too sure about her decision.

Then her boy, Pluto, joined her.  You can’t let the kid see you’re getting old.

She made it!

Pluto showed off his moves.

Then it was time to head back to the barnyard.

Dolly and Pluto followed by Astra, Pistol, and Antigone

She might have needed a nap after that.