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The Start of the Canning Season

14 Aug

Despite the drought, my garden is doing well.  I am fortunate enough to have a well, so I can use it to water my garden.  For some reason, Sky doesn’t seem quite as destructive as he had been.  That’s good, too.

okra blossom

butternut squash


bottle gourd

I have lots of tomatoes starting to ripen.

I made a small batch of sauce and four quarts of juice.

I’m guessing they will really start ripening just as I have to go back to work at the end of the week.


A Neglected Garden

20 Jul

It’s a good thing I live in Iowa because it’s pretty easy to get most things to grow here.  My gardens have been horribly neglected this year.  From being planted late, to needing weeded horribly badly, they have not been the recipient of much attention this summer.  Our state’s motto used to be “A Place to Grow,” and wow, things are growing!

This also includes the weeds, so we’ll do the macro shots and hide all those nasty nettles and noxious nightshades.

I have one garden at my mother’s house.  I will never plant there again because the space is just filled with morning glories.  Well, maybe if it gets a good spraying of Round Up (sorry to all you organic people).  Oh my goodness, I can’t even keep up with my mother helping me; however, the beans are blossoming.  These white flowers are from the green beans,

and the pale purple blooms are on the Jacob’s cattle beans.  I’ve never tried these before.  They are a dried bean, and I thought it would be fun to try.

My mother’s house is also where we planted the corn.  We have sweet corn that will be ready in a couple of weeks (as long as I get the electric wire up to keep those dang raccoons out of it).  There will be a ton of popcorn this fall.  It has tasseled already,

and it’s beginning to make ears.

On the north edge of my property, I planted pumpkins.  It’s a small patch, but I was afraid for a while I wouldn’t even get it planted.  They are starting to bloom, so I’m hoping they will produce well.

I just love all those little curly things (what are they called) that like to wrap around everything and anchor the plant down.

Back at the home place, things are growing also.  I have little baby eggplants coming on.

The tomatoes have blossoms and little tomatoes.  They actually have quite a few tomatoes on them.  That’s good because I think I need to do some canning.

Some of the herbs are doing well, but the basil and dill are starting to bolt.  I think the dill is beyond starting~but it’s very pretty!

This poor sage plant was waiting and waiting forever to be planted.  Finally, I just gave up and put it in a pot.  I’m hoping it makes it through the winter.  If I’m good, it will actually make it into the ground next year.

Remember that weedy row of zucchini that has blooms from the beginning of the post?  They are making zucchinis!

Soon I’ll have enough to supply the whole county.  That might be a slight exaggeration, but they are doing well for all the neglect.  Maybe this guy is taking care of things for me.

He (or she) certainly was trying to stay cool beneath the zucchini plant.

It’s Alphabe-Thursday, and this week’s letter is N for neglect.  Don’t neglect Miss Matlock.  Be sure to visit for more nifty N posts.

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