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There’s Always Something

2 Dec

When you have animals, there’s always something going on.  Even routine things can end up being a problem.  For example, when I trimmed Cinnamon’s hooves, I made her hoof bleed. Barely, but I did put a pretty purple bandage on it for. her.

Cinnamon with her purple bandage

Haley is doing well, but I think the cold is bothering her foot.  It was a major surgery, and I might have to start her back on the anti-inflammatory.  They did tell me she had spurs and arthritis, so she would probably appreciate it.


Now, Benji is the one giving me grief.  He suddenly has diarrhea.  I’m trying to take care of it, but he isn’t responding to my treatments.


He acts fine, but he’s a mess.

The little ones up there with him are fine, so I have no idea what is going on.


Then there’s Trace.  She decided she didn’t want to wait until January to make kids, so she joined the bucks.

Bubbles and Joy following Daisy and Bubbles

I am thinking the one oopsie baby per week is going to make April a long month.  They better stop this.

Goats in the Garden

8 Sep

Lately, I’ve had a hard time with the three kids up north with Harley.


A combination of the copper issues and horrible weather has lead to some pretty nasty diarrhea.

It’s a good thing Pepto Bismol tastes yummy.


They are improving, so I decided that I’d give them a fresh browsing area.  Since I had already put panels across the yard to keep the dog out of my garden, I decided to let these few goats in to eat it down.

It didn’t take long for them to start eating the weeds and shrubs after I opened the panel.


I did pick some tomatoes and okra before I let them in.

I might still get a bit more before they eat it all down.  There’s quite a bit of grass and shrubs along with garden plants.

Harley (with kids in the background)

Pluto, Anubis and Antigone

I’m hoping they start with the stupid morning glories.

There should be enough here to keep them happy for a while.

Enough is Enough

26 May

If ever a month could drive me to get rid of all the animals and never have them again, this is the month.  Don’t worry, it hasn’t, and I’m not really challenging fate or nature or anyone else to try and make me.

It started with Coral losing her baby and having a C-section.  She will get her stitches out soon.

Coral Blackboer

About two days later, the vet came back to check out Coral’s mother Pistol.  She had a soft lump on her side, which turned out to be a hernia.  You can see the lump on her side.

She is confined to the Love Shack so nobody can pick on her any more (hernia is likely due to a horn to her gut) and hopefully the hernia doesn’t get worse.  Once her babies arrive, we will fix the hernia.

Pistol Osboer

Until then, I’ll listen to her hollering to be let out. 😦

Helen’s little girl that she rejected is growing and big and full of energy, and I’m giving her Pepto Bismol and probiotics, and she’s still not pooping solid.  She had another bath today.  I do think she’s better, but this is really getting old after two weeks.

Cindy Lou Van de Yell

The cat has not been himself lately.  He saw the vet when he started drooling.  They checked him over and couldn’t really find anything, but he got antibiotics in case there was an infection they couldn’t yet see.  He really didn’t improve, so he went back about ten days later and they drew blood.  It was perfect!  A week or so later, his lower jaw swelled and the drooling was horrible.  He was in intense pain.


He went back, and they did an x-ray and could see the ulcer in his mouth.  He’s on antibiotics, and he is improving, but there is still a possibility that the infection was a secondary issue and he has cancer.

Only time will tell.  At least for now, he’s not in severe pain.

Millie got run down and seemed to have an infection in her lung.  Being run down raising a big kid and being sick caused her to pick up worms.  She was horribly ill, but she’s on the mend.  She still has a long way to go.  I’ve been giving her all kinds of drugs and probiotics and cutting grass.  To make things worse, while she has been shut in, her kid was killed by predators.

Millie Ann Saanen

Annie surprised me with having her kids nine days early, which caused her to lose one when she couldn’t give birth.  If I hadn’t found her when I did, I don’t think she would have made it.  She was completely exhausted and in a lot of pain from being in hard labor for who knows how many hours.  Now she has mastitis, probably from having that swollen udder on the ground while she was trying to give birth for so long.

Annie Belle O’Boera

She’s on antibiotics and pain killers and probiotics, but she’s still miserable.  Her little boy is doing amazing!  Of course, he is now another bottle kid.  I’d show you how well he’s filling out, but he was napping under the bench.  Just think, he’s not due for another six days.

Hershey Osboer

Today’s heat makes it even harder for her and all the pregnant ones, and even the not pregnant ones are panting.

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