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Oh Deer!

14 Jul

The day I put the goats out on the front pasture, I went out to take a few pictures for the blog.  I saw someone standing away from the rest of the herd and was a bit surprised when I saw who it was.

Now, I am not surprised at a deer in my pasture, but this one has lots of cute spots yet.  This is a baby.

This front pasture is goat-proof.  That means it is baby deer proof unless they can jump a fence or are born in there.  Yep, this little cutie is in my front pasture until it is old enough to jump the fence.  It cannot get out.  How do I know?  Well, ninety goats and a crazy lady invading your quiet pasture will make you try to get out.

It didn’t work. I really wasn’t chasing it; I wanted to know if it could get out. I left the poor little one alone and fixed fence to get the goats back out of there.  But I also had the thought that we’re in a severe drought.  I went back out to check and see if there was any water in the one place it might have to get a drink.  To my surprise the little one was back up under the oak tree.

Really, I wasn’t stalking the thing.  I just was checking for water.

I guess the baby had come back up for some shade, or maybe it was the company.

Although, we don’t seem too sure about any of the invaders.

It checked out the goats.

It checked out me.

Then it was time to decide which way was more scary because the poor baby was stuck between the goats and me.

Obviously, I am the more scary of those two things.

Or maybe not.

Because the baby decided it was not about to stay anywhere on the top of the pasture with us.  It took off to the bottom again.

Running by Reva and her kids

I put a water bucket out there where the water usually pools, so it should be likely to find it, and I shut all the goats and llamas off the pasture.  I might move the two bucks out there, but I’ll give the poor baby a day or two to calm down.  Hopefully, it gets big and strong and can jump the fence soon.

Walking Down My Road

19 Jul

Early Monday morning (or the middle of the night; I have no idea), before the sun was up, I got woke up by the lights and sirens of the fire trucks going past.  Because I live a mile from a main highway, most times when they go by, it’s because of an accident on the highway.  I rolled over, hoped it wasn’t too serious, and went back to sleep.  When I got up in the morning, I went out to milk.  I was immediately hit with the acrid scent of burnt wood.  I remembered the trucks from earlier, and got worried about what had burned.


After chores, I decided to walk down the road and see what it was.  I have to admit that I enjoyed the walk along my road.

Edited: It’s partridge pea

birdsfoot trefoil

Queen Anne’s lace

Edit: It’s mullein


milk weed

Just at the end of my property, someone came out and thought about joining me.  I was a little surprised to see a deer this size without an adult.  Hopefully the little one knew where it was headed.

More wild flowers!

Queen Anne’s lace

milk weed

I don’t know–tell me what this is

wild parsnip


As I neared the end of the road, I was becoming optimistic that the fire hadn’t been one of my neighbors, but then I saw a wisp of smoke.  My neighbors lost one of their buildings.  The thought of fire on the farm is very scary, and I’m glad they didn’t lose more.

It really left me grateful to see my barn roof as I walked back home.

You can see my barn’s roof tucked between all the trees.

I don’t know what I’d do if I lost my barn or any other building.


Hopefully, I never have to find out.

Guard Dog

16 Mar

Sky is growing into a beautiful German Shepherd.


He’s become quite protective of the farm.  Any tiny noise he hears, and he’s at the window giving a low warning growl.  I am constantly letting him out of the house to protect us from…

wild turkeys, cats, deer, squirrels, and every other manner of horrible dangerous critter.

I just wish he’d quit killing squirrels.

I cannot convince him that squirrels are our friends.  Sigh…