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Bonfire and Rain Showers

10 Jul

With the recent rains and still winds yesterday, we decided it was the best day we were probably going to have to light a bonfire. Shortly after we fed the bottle kids, my mom and I headed north to meet my son and nephew and his wife.  I think the deer was not expecting company.



We lit the pile of old tree stumps and branches and lumber from my garage project.  It was behind the pumpkin patch building where we have kids’ activities, so it has to be cleaned up.


We weren’t sure how well it would burn because of all the dirt, but we had a good fire going!


It didn’t completely burn up, but we’ll use the backhoe and push it together into a pile again, and hopefully we’ll get another nice day to burn.


This morning, we had a surprise rain shower.  It was supposed to stay farther north, but my farm managed to actually get about a half an inch of rain.



The geese enjoyed it.


Daisy seemed to find a way to entertain herself.

Helen and Hilda in front; Daisy on Llenny in the back

Helen and Hilda in front; Daisy on Llenny in the back

I’m not sure Llenny liked it though.  Good thing he’s tolerant of the kids.

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Deer(e) Scavenger Hunt

4 Jul

This week’s Scavenger Hunt Sunday items are:  down the street, beneath my feet, faceless, blurry, and red, white and blue.

As I said last night, I’ve been very busy getting ready for the garage to be torn down and leaving for Iowa City.  Part of what had me busy was seeing this come down the street.  It’s what they are going to use to tear the garage down.  Inspector Bob gives it his approval.  Can you even see him sitting on that thing? You can click the image to enlarge it..

Track hoe_3229w

I also started tearing out the fence in front of the Love Shack.  It’s a lame red, white and blue shot: red of the rusty posts, white of the paint and blue tarp.  They’ll use those panels to build the temporary fence around where the garage is. Otherwise, everyone would be able to just walk off the farm; although, they’d be back at feeding time.


While I was finishing removing the fence today, I heard a noise in the Love Shack.  When I investigated, I saw the faceless side of the goose.


I also saw an adorable face.  I guess it’s a good thing I didn’t kick her out and throw the eggs like I had planned.  She’s only been sitting for about 80 days to hatch eggs that take 28 days to incubate.  That’s why I hate throwing them, though, because the others come in and lay in their nests.  I never know how long an egg has actually been in the nest.


I’m also hauling grain for people to do chores for me.  I swear, whenever I do chores, I have a chicken beneath my feet.  Poor girls get stepped on when I’m not careful.


Finally, I think a deer had a close call with a car when it jumped the fence into my yard.  I thought I might catch a shot of her in the bean field, but I was surprised to see her still in my yard.



I hadn’t even changed the setting on my camera yet, so they are blurry.

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Some Randomness

9 Oct

I had both foot and eye appointments yesterday.  My toe is cleared.  I don’t have to go back to see the doctor.  It’s still a bit stiff and has some swelling, but it will continue to improve.  The eye looks good, but I still have to have at least two more appointments.  At the second, he’ll take out some of the stitches (I thought they were dissolving because that’s what I was told), and I’m guessing that will require another visit after that.  I’m ready to be done with all these appointments.


I hit a deer this morning.  I feel horrible.  I think she might be okay.  She got up after sliding across the hood of my car and ran away.  I am amazed she barely dented my hood and pulled the top of my license plate loose.  That’s it.  She’s lucky I always drive so slowly on my gravel road.  That’s exactly why I drive so slowly on the road.



Bud, my big dairy wether, isn’t feeling well.  Last night he was chasing after me trying to catch the grain before it hit the pan; tonight he didn’t come out to eat.  He’s got a fever and cough, so he’s getting treated.  Hopefully, he’ll recover quickly.  I hate when any of my goats aren’t feeling well.

Bird on Fence

Tomorrow is the final farmer’s market of the season.  It will be nice to have my Friday’s again.

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