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The 2023 Calendar

16 Nov

Last week, I finally finished putting together my calendar for the coming year.  The cover and then January through December.


Hilda and Shellie


Aurora (I think the goat is Athena with her daughter)


Maisie and Casey



If you want one, HERE is the link to Shutterfly.  (Full disclosure, I don’t get a penny from it; it’s cheaper than me ordering a bunch and losing money though.)

My Terrible Horrible No Good Very Bad Week

15 Oct

I know I said I was going to focus on the positive, but this has really been a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad week.  It started on Monday.  I had my doctor’s appointments.  Other than having to wear dark sunglasses, my eye appointment and mammogram were fine.

Glad I had my mom to drive me home

I also saw the podiatrist.  My assessment going into the appointment was that I’m a hot mess from the top of the ankle to the tip of the toes on both feet.  And, basically, I was right. And at some point I evidently chipped a bone in my left ankle. The right one is just full of spurs and arthritis. Fun times!  It’s looking more like a surgery is in my future to clean out that ankle with the arthritis and spurs.

Tuesday is when I discovered Bambi had passed.

Those ears!

Wednesday morning, I left for work and ended up having a deer commit suicide by jumping into my car.  Honestly, I am feeling really lucky that it wasn’t worse than it was.  The car runs, and other than a headlight gone and the door only half opening, it’s functional.  It will get fixed next month.

Deer damage

When I got home that afternoon, I discovered that Flower has bottle jaw.  Her eye membranes are pure white.

Flower (taken on Friday; she does look a little better)

Thursday, Freddie tried to kill me–multiple times.  He will get sold rather than wethered.  I have a policy of not keeping goats who try to kill me.


Astra was also acting sick.  She had no appetite and seemed really cold, but I couldn’t find anything wrong with her otherwise.

Astra–she seemed fine the next day.

And Friday…the streak broke.  Thank goatness.

Friends in the Field

24 Sep

I believe we had a set of twin deer orphaned in the pasture.  My nephew saw them when he was getting the round bales out of pasture, and I’ve seen at least one of them a few times.

Way back when it was still tiny

The reason I am pretty sure they are orphans are because you typically don’t see them out that often by themselves–bouncing around and hanging out with the llamas by themselves.  I also found that a deer got caught in the fence. I felt horrible.  If I had seen her stuck there, I could have rescued her.  That is the exact same way Tiger caught his foot in the fence the week before I sold him.

I’m not sure if these are the same twins or not.  It’s hard to judge what they should look like by now.

Sorry for the poor quality. It was just dawn and horribly foggy.

This one jumped the fence the other morning when I went out to milk goats and startled them.  I’m not sure it can get back over because it’s a lot bigger jump from the pasture side.

This one almost looks older, but I think they are both still fairly young.

I hope they can thrive in the pasture (and avoid hunters this fall).