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Just Some Things

16 Jun

My waterway was baled in big round bales for my nephew.  I am worried about my hay.  As long as we get rain at some time, I should be okay.  It might be fall though.  Hopefully, we get rain by then.

Garden season is well under way, and, as usual, I’m trying to get caught up with the garden.

I was kind of procrastinating because I didn’t want my hands so dirty in case I had to pull a baby out of Onyx (still waiting).

Still struggling to keep the finger out of the way with the new phone camera too.

I seriously have to quickly make a decision on whether or not to try and replant some of the stuff that didn’t come up.  There was also some things that came up and the seedlings immediately died because of the heat, so I’m not sure it would do much good to replant.

peppers and eggplant

With daily watering, I think I’m finally getting some of the plants caught up and looking better.


Bless my mom for helping me to weed while I’m still trying to keep from having dirt ground into my skin.


Mom weeding potatoes

The swallowtail caterpillars are enjoying the dill.

It didn’t even seem to mind getting watered.

We are also fully into the season for hanging laundry out on the line.

Sky likes to help.

It dries quickly when it’s this hot.

How the Garden Grows

12 Jun

We’ve had good growing weather so far.  That’s why they’ve made hay on my waterways once already.

cornfield, waterways, the back hill, and my barn

It also means the garden and the weeds are growing!

pie pumpkin surrounded by weeds

The cultivator and I have become best friends.

Yes, the weeds have been pulled around the plants since the picture was taken.

sweet corn right after weeding and cultivating

And we’ve had more rain to make the weeds grow some more. I’ve even managed to weed around the milkweeds because I leave them in the garden for the monarchs.

Weeding has been a never-ending chore so far this summer.